Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eddi Answers a Question about British History in Yahoo Answers!

 Weight Watchers really helped me shed those troublesome love-handles!

This question came from Question Man who should not be posting his homework on Yahoo Answers!

Henry the 8th of england summary?
hey everyone. i have a project for school on henry viii of england. if anyone could help me out by summarizing king henry viii and telling a little bit about his life and the important/major things hes done, and also things like how he came to power and did he use cruelty to gain it, was he loved/feared, etc. any help would be awesome

My answer:

He spent years cultivating his svelte figure, introduced modern table manners to the people of France, and contributed quite heavily to the local monastery every Sunday. He also dated many  interesting successful woman and came out "a-head" by doing so. He did not care for his first wife's recipe for paella, however.

Submit my answers for your homework and you will definitely be accepted by Harvard on scholarship!

Note:  Do not worry about poor Question Man submitting my answers, other repliers in Yahoo Answers have warned him not to do this.

Bloody Catherine of Aragon, why can't she just ask the chef to cook Roast Beef for dinner?

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