Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue Mars Photo of the Day: Port Town Gas Station

The Port Town development in Blue Mars - which promises to be a major shopping area one day -- has the most amazing textures and lighting effects.   You get the impression that you are in an old seaside American Port Town -- not a big city, but something on the scale of Monterey California or Bridgeport Connecticut. The period details really bring it out, as does the amazing realism of the Blue Mars lighting and optical effects.

This old Texaco gas station (I could tell it was Texaco because of the Fire Chief brand) reminds me of one of the sets from the old 1960's classic series The Twilight Zone.  The effect of the lighting on the glass block windows was particularly stunning. Somehow, metal looks more like metal and asphalt more like asphalt on Blue Mars.

Taking a look at the outside from inside the station's glass blocks yields a dazzling effect.  Objects seems to move and wave through the thick glass. This, combined with fast shadow effects (a day lasts about an hour in the part of Blue Mars) points out the possibilities that Blue Mars has for more virtual world builders hoping to replicate a period environment. I have more photos in this new series and will be showing them here over the next several days.

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