Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blue Mars Photo of the Day: Caledonia Variations as Paintings.

Desmond Chang, the developer of the Caledonia in Second Life, a multi-sim area devoted to all aspects of Victoriana (including Steampunk), is building a similar region in Blue Mars. I took the photograph above the waterfront of the town and boosted the color about 10%. The rich blue water and sky can be explained by this.

I boosted the color because I wanted to experiment to see if I could get other painted effects than the watercolor above. The watercolor is very easy to do over at the Photofunia site but looks much better if you have high color values to being with.

I achieved the pointilism effect above (similar to a Surat or Monet painting) by pixelizing the image and softening the colors above to rich pastels while still keeping a high level of contract between the warm and color colors.

I achieved the antique oil effect above by softening image (getting rid of pixel contrast as much as possible and applying a golden sheen to it to resemble an antique oil. This can easily be done with one of the darker palettes in the PicasR section over at the Flauntr site.

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