Thursday, September 30, 2010

Classic Advertsing: Make Your Home Gaytop Gay!

Believe it or not, this was a real ad from 40 years ago. 
What is exactly is "table topping" anyway?

Blue World Notes: Three Ways Blue Mars Can (and Will) Run on Macs & iPads

Hamlet Au takes a look at this question over at Blue World Notes.

Rumour: Microsoft to buy Second Life - Linden Labs goes on sale as UK office shuts down, quietly | TechEye

I just noticed this rumor.

Rumour: Microsoft to buy Second Life - Linden Labs goes on sale as UK office shuts down, quietly | TechEye

My initial take:  It is too soon, so I say not yet. Entertaining people at Microsoft is not "making a bid". I am checking some sources and will report if I hear anything.

On the other hand, Second Life will never be as inexpensive to buy as it is right now.  And I did put a substantial probability to something like this happening in my 2010 predictions.

Update from Eddi:  Some people I know at Microsoft are highly skeptical and doubt that this will happen.

Seen Around the Scene - Scotty Everett at Tadd's on Wednesday Night

Seen around the scene at Tadd's on Wednesday night.

Blog Readership Continues to Grow: Over 44,000 Total Hits in the Third Quarter

This blog's readership continues to grow.  This blog is having our busiest quarter ever, and have grown over 250% in a year. The chart above is from Statcounter.

The chart above counts every direct hit to this blog, but only one hit per 30 minute period.

It does not count over  11,000 hits we had from subscribers, and anyone else using a reader. 

September 2010 will have over 3600 Views from 145 Subscribers

That leaves over 44,000  hits for the quarter.

On thing which is interesting:  according to Google Blogger, which now counts these numbers directly, we had over 56,000 hits this quarter -- which leaves about 12,000 missing. I think the reason is that the Statcounter chart above does not count repetitive hits from the same reader in one session.

Thanks for your support, it is seeing numbers like this that makes my time worthwhile in running this blog.

First Lip Synched Adult Film in Second Life From Emanuelle Jameson

My good friend and Second Life's uber-adult film star, Jennnnna Jameson (who is Emanuelle Jameson in Second Life) has just released an amazing adult film called La cagna ricca. It contains voice and lip synching, and really is well done.  It has gained over 1000 hits in the first day of its release.

The machinima is about  a little rich Italian girl who calls Enzo the handsome auto mechanic when her Ferrari wouldn’t start.  Little did she know Enzo would make her “pay for his services” over and over again.

Note:  The video contains adult content. I will not run it here because this is a not a mature blog.

To see this video, link here: Content Warning:  People under 18 and Sarah Palin supporters should not see this movie.  


Speak for yourself Eddi!  

The Flintstones Premiered 50 Years Ago Today

The Flintstones, one of the most beloved cartoon series of all time, premiered 50 years ago this evening on primetime ABC television. Critics and fans alike agree that the show was an animated imitation of The Honeymooners with rock puns thrown in.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun Photo Effects with Hunky Bock McMillan

I liked this portrait of handsome Bock McMillan so much (courtesy of Chade Dagger) I decided to apply some new PhotoFunia effects to it.

By the way, if you go to Sweden, where Bock is from, you can see guys who look like this in real life!

50 Years Ago Today

There was no Fred Flintstone.

Fashion: The Kobalt Ipod Speedo

Doesn't the look in my eyes here say "well hello sailor!"

The Kobalt Ipod Speedo, which I am modeling, comes with a very realistic looking IPOD in the back right pocket and has  nice bulge up front in a fancy tied pouch. It comes in a wide range of colors and costs 300 Linden. This amount may seem high at first, but it is clear that much work went into designing these. They look far more realistic that other products what look like swimwear simply spray-painted on a body form.

Check out the Ipod Speedo, and four floors of other Kobalt products at their main store at Jungle Boys:

 Is that a mango in your crotch pouch or are you happy to see me?

Classic Advertsing in the 1960's: Textron Men's Pajamas

Wow!  Uncle Steve and his "roommate" Bob wearing their new holiday pajamas and taking a canoe ride in the snow!  Things were so different in the 1960's!  No one would even think that these two men might possibly be gay back then, or would they?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue Mars Photo of the Day: Port Town Gas Station

The Port Town development in Blue Mars - which promises to be a major shopping area one day -- has the most amazing textures and lighting effects.   You get the impression that you are in an old seaside American Port Town -- not a big city, but something on the scale of Monterey California or Bridgeport Connecticut. The period details really bring it out, as does the amazing realism of the Blue Mars lighting and optical effects.

This old Texaco gas station (I could tell it was Texaco because of the Fire Chief brand) reminds me of one of the sets from the old 1960's classic series The Twilight Zone.  The effect of the lighting on the glass block windows was particularly stunning. Somehow, metal looks more like metal and asphalt more like asphalt on Blue Mars.

Taking a look at the outside from inside the station's glass blocks yields a dazzling effect.  Objects seems to move and wave through the thick glass. This, combined with fast shadow effects (a day lasts about an hour in the part of Blue Mars) points out the possibilities that Blue Mars has for more virtual world builders hoping to replicate a period environment. I have more photos in this new series and will be showing them here over the next several days.

South Florida Under Tropical Storm Warning - for Tropical Storm Nicole

This one just hit us out of the clear blue -- a tropical storm south of Cuba is forming right now and will hit South Florida later today - the blue area means that a warning is up.

I live right in the blue landfall area.  And we do not take things lightly here, the stores and gas stations will be jammed now.

Luckily, we are only looking at winds of about 45 mph (fingers crossed) with some higher gusts and tons of rain that is starting now -- but talk about no warning!

The chart below is the one that scares the hell out of you if you live here. These are predictions of wind intensification.  If  HWRF (The Weather Research and Forecast system for hurricane prediction) is to be believed, this can start getting rough here!

My Return to the Club Scene

I have not been out on the Second Life club scene for a good six weeks, and I returned last night to Tadd's, one of my favorite hang-outs. Here are some photos, including one I really like- the lower photos where I am dancing with Tadd (he's the hot blond) who is one of my best Second Life friends.

Maps: Some Views of Europe

The British View of Europe

The American View of Europe

And the Gay Tourist view of Europe

from Huffington Post

Second Life Photo of the Day: Cobblestone Weddings

I positions the sun behind the building at Cobblestone Weddings to get this lighted effect

Monday, September 27, 2010

St. Leviathan's Boys College is Looking for Recruits!

Taylor2 Spiker's (he is the one being pinned against the locker) hot Jungleboys roleplay region has another addition - St. Leviathan's Boy's College.  The college opened last Friday to what I hear was a very hot and very crowded party hosted by the one-and-only Syriana Paine.

Various roles are available including bully, jock, teacher, and stoner.  Sexual roleplay is available all over the place, and Taylor is getting uniforms and even will have dorm rooms available at the school for rental.

The group is open enrollment but you better join quick to get the role you want.


The Metropolian Opera's New Ring Cycle is Coming to your Movie Theater

New York's Metropolitan Opera is one of the most famous cultural institution in the world, and the largest opera company anywhere..  And very expensive.  Until now, a decent seat at the Opera would run over $300.00 in a non nose-bleed section.

The Met has a program, called The Met: Live in HD which brings a whole schedule of live performances to theaters in 49 countries, and in every major city in North America.  Tickets in the United States are in the $20 - $25.00 range.

On October 9, the first Opera in Richard Wagner's epic 4-part Ring Cycle, Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold) will be broadcast live from the Met.  The production is brand new, with a bit of a Sci - Fi / fantasy feel.  I am showing some pictures.

This opera is all about giants, gods, dwarfs, and gold, greed, and envy.  This is the shortest Ring Opera and only lasts about 3  hours without a break. The music is the easiest of Wagner's to get into, and describes rivers, thunderstorms, castles, and giants and tells a story on its own, in addition to the great singling. Worth going to.


Real Life Hunk of the Week: Abercrombie Model and Actor Drew Van Acker

Abercrombie cover boy Drew Van Acker was  born in 1986 in Philadelphia. He  started his career in 2006 at age 20. His first big break was gracing the front cover of "Genre" magazine.

His drop-dead gorgeous looks are exactly what world famous photographer Bruce Weber was looking for at "Abercrombie & Fitch". Weber likes him so much, he appeared on the Abercrombie's numerous catalogs and campaigns including A&F "Return to Paradise" quarterly. Van Acker has since modeled for "International Jock", "American Eagle, and "fantasticmag", among others.

In 2009, Van Acker also delved into acting. He appeared on "Castle," "Greek," "The Lake", and in the WB's "The Lake" Web series.

For more pictures of Drew: