Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You Tube: Insilico Gemini Cybernetics by Sophia Yates

Sophie Yates has produced two wonderfully atmospheric machinimas on Skill's Hak incredible Insilico cyberpunk sims. I especially like her music choices.

Here is what Sophia Yates as to say about both machinimas:

InSilico, a high-end cyberpunk role playing sim in Second Life.
The five-region floating city of Insilico is a haven high above the battered surface of the Earth below. Alongside many retail and residential areas, Insilico is home to clubs, bars, and restaurants. From the gritty tunnels of the Underground to high-rise penthouses, the sterile Gemini Labs to the dusty mining surface of Mars, Insilico is packed with plenty of places to work, play, and live.

Part 1:

Part 2

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  1. Thank you EDDI for posting these. I appreciate this really!


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