Monday, August 30, 2010

You Tube: Great Visualization of the San Francisco 1915 World's Fair

The Panama - Pacific International Exposition of 1915 in San Francisco was put on for two purposes - first, to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal the year before, and second- the show that the city, totally devastated by the 1906 earthquake, had rebuilt. If you have been to San Francisco, the entire Marina district was built on the site of the fair. The Palace of Fine Arts was rebuilt in permanent materials but can show you what the fair looked like.

You Tube's World Cruiser's grandfather shot this footage below of the fair and has other videos shot on site taken from a long-running movie from the fair.

 There is a great visualization from IDIALab on You Tube of  the Court of the Universe (missing shadow and atmospheric effects to a great degree) that I liked- perhaps because of the good overall visual effect.

Taken from the video. "THE INSTITUTE FOR DIGITAL INTERMEDIA ARTS is a collaborative research, design studio exploring intersections between art, science and technology including virtual reality, interactive installation, simulation and human computer interface".
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  1. Now all there is left is horrible marina housing, yuppies and capitalist whores. Nice one SF. What a shame. Thank for posting all this.

  2. Don't forget the incredibly overpriced restaurants.


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