Thursday, August 26, 2010

Use Free Online Photo Editors to Professionalize Your Images

Here is a photograph of myself taken at a plain sunset light setting available of most viewers. I did this photo for an upcoming review of the Kobalt Ipod speedo.

Something doesn't seem quite right. The texture is off, yielding a very unrealistic looking area.

By using this blemish tool available in Google's free Picasa program, Photoshop, or most other photo edit programs you can smooth out imperfections or copy areas of a photo to another.  You need to experiment with these through trial and error, but its easy once you get the hang of it.

I made the speedo much more realistic looking by eliminating the garbled texture. It still is not perfect -- but much better. Given another 30 minutes it would have looked even more realistic but this is fine for my purposes.

I now want to change the tone of the photograph to eliminate the red hue and make it calmer looking, giving my skin more of a natural oiled tan look. I use the PicasR feautre in Flauntr to experiment with various hues from old oil paintings.

 I end up with a more more natural, balanced, and finished looking picture than I started out with originally

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  1. I use Picnik ( and the Gimp ( Picnik is a free online photo editing service that connects to Flickr although some of the features require a small annual subscription fee. The Gimp is a photoshop like open source photo editing suite that is very powerful and has free downloads for most platforms (open source so you can always compile your own binary if necessary).

    Thanks for pointing out these other free tools - I'll check them out.


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