Sunday, August 22, 2010

Smooth Out Skin Imperfections to Make your Avatar Photography look more realistic.

One of the problems with Second Life photography (the image here is Second Life not Real Life; the monochromatic photography makes this photograph look very realistic) are "wrinkles"  or watermarks on skins that just do not look right.

I have circles the areas that looks unnatural to me.  It is easy enough to fix.  You do not have to use Photoshop.  Most photographic editors have a "touch-up"  or retouch tool that allows you to smooth out imperfections by blending away the line with nearby colors. I am using the one in Google's free Picasa program which is my standard photographic editor - I feel the light adjustment capabilities are the best of any program.

The result - a more natural looking skin, and better photography. It is worth it for those special Second Life photographs that you want to keep and look their best.

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