Sunday, August 29, 2010

Homoertic Advertsing in the Second World War. Serving in the Military Never Looked Like This Much Fun!

Gee Sarge I never knew Army Day could be this  much fun!  
Why do you keep on dropping that bar of soap?

Who ever knew the army could be this much fun!

These are genuine Canon Towel advertisements that ran in American Magazines during the World War 2 era.

Don't Ask Don't Tell? These guys don't have to, they are flaming. The ad up on top is hot.

Note the copy in the lower right corner: How to make your towels last longer and stay "durable" for the duration. I think the copywriter was having a go, don't you?

I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair!
And send him on his way!

Note from Eddi:  In order to get the full humorous effect of this one, go play the Soundtrack from Mitzi Gaynor singing this classic from the movie South Pacific over on You Tube as you view this ad and imagine the dude with the palm frond lipsynching it .

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