Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Marco Dapper

Isn't blogging great?  These photos of incredibly hot up-and-coming actor and model Marco Dapper have absolutely nothing to do with Second Life and I am running them in this blog. Marco Dapper is best known as the star of the cult film Eating Out 2 - Seconds which I now own on DVD and cannot wait to see.

Note if you wish too, you can search for more revealing photos of Marco. Just make sure your content filter is off. 


  1. "if you wish too, you can search for more revealing photos of Marco"

    What? no links?

  2. The problem is the Blogger can ding you in search if you provide links to x-rated sites that provide links to charged content. Also, I am not sure how safe some of these sites shows Marco's tottie are. So I would rather find them on their own.

  3. Marco is great...He is amazing...He will become a great actor...


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