Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pay Back Time -- And Jago WILL NOT do anything!

When Jordyn "JC" Carnell over at Midcourt asked me if he could run a coupon for my services in his blog, I said yes.  I thought he was going to run a coupon advertising 10% off my wedding services as a minister.

I decided to run a coupon for JC's services yesterday, all in fun.

So today, he ran these coupons on his blog for Jago and myself:

Now, it will not take rocket science to guess that Jago's coupon is going to get alot more interest than mine will --- but I have to tell everyone that my sculpted partner most assuredly "will not do anything". especially if involves his cute Aussie kangaroo tail.

Although for the right price who knows?  And once he figures out that I actually gave JC this photo of him I took in the shower he is going to crack my head open! 

You can make your own coupons by linking here:  http://www.couponfu.com/lb/generate/

Lets See Just How Many Downloads This One Gets!

1 comment:

  1. Anyone that says Second Life has no redeeming social value doesn't have a coupon in hand.


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