Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eddi Tells the Truth About The Girls Locker Room in High School in Yahoo Answers

The Girls Locker Room

This question comes from Rachel Wilson who is about to enter high school.

How do girls take showers in your school?

I am a freshman at high school and starting monday, we'll be going to gym. We live in a hot place and have time to take a shower. If you don't take a shower, you are made fun of. In your school, do girls take showers? What do they bring? How do they dry off? Do they wear a bathing suit? Are they naked? Do girls make fun of them? Guys make fun of guys. Do the teachers get to watch? How do schools usually handle them? I'm new to gym. I haven't done it since 3rd grade. Just the basis of showers and changing for girls only.

My answer:

In my school, there were peepholes that the girls never knew about. All the guys looked; there was a code in place that said that you would have your teeth knocked out of your head if you told any of the teachers or the coach about it. 

The girls on the sports teams, and the cheer-leading squad, and some other girls really liked to shower. Especially the ones who did really well in Shop.

First, they would giggle and gossip and do little high-pitched girly squeeky things when they whispered things to each other. Then, would strip and get into white bathrobes -- the hot ones would show their nudity a bit longer to the other girls and perhaps to the guys who were peeping on them since the head cheerleader kinda knew about the peepholes and told all the really hot girls who "got around" about it.

Then they squeal more -- we could not see them lather up but you got the message. Then, they would come out, and spend the next 30 minutes doing their hair and makeup, and would gossip some more.

Some of the High School girls sports coaches seemed to spend a lot of time hanging out there, and look at the girls showering, especially "Big Marge" the ladies lacrosse coach.

Big Marge

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