Monday, August 16, 2010

Eddi Gives Fashion Advice in Yahoo Answers!

Question: From Lola Mendez at Yahoo Answers:

When is not appropriate to dress like this?

What are 3 reason for this?

When is appropriate do dress like that? is clubbing a choice?

What are the elements wrong here?


My answer:

It is not appropriate to dress like this, for example:

a. When invited to have a personal audience with the Holy Father in Rome.

b. In Mecca during the Haj

c. Anywhere tasteful if you do not shave your armpits.

The reasons are:

1. Purple is SO 1980's.

2. If you try to sit down your derriere may stick out.

3. It always pays to look like you are wearing more than $14.99 worth of clothes no matter what the occasion.


It would be appropriate to wear an outfit like this along Santa Monica Boulevard at around midnight in Hollywood. You can also wear this along much of 8th Avenue in the 40's in New York. Must make sure that when the police cars come by you are not loitering.

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  1. hahaha you are baaaaaaaaaaaaad, but I couldn´t agree more!


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