Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eddi Gives Advice to a Prospective Hoecoming Queen in Yahoo Answers

 The hot homecoming babes of 1953

From Stephanie, Who Lives in Kansas.

What ideas are good when running for homecoming queen?
I want to become hoecoming queen! theres many ideas but theres a problem. My school only permits the running candidates to make handmade stuff.. no food, flowers,candy,drinks etc.. so i need other ideas in what to do to be noiticed and be voted for!

Thank you!

My Answer:

My first piece of advice would be to click your heels three times and say "I want to be homecoming queen".  Other girls from Kansas have used this successfully in the past to get what they want.

Now I assume the term "hoecoming " is a typo.

If not,  sleep with as many hot guys in High School as you can, especially the ones on the  football team. But only with one at time, or else you will get a "reputation".

(note to my readers:she really did type "hoecoming",  let's hope this one does not get me another "offical Yahoo violation"). 

Just think:  I can be a hoe!

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