Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You Tube: Insilico Gemini Cybernetics by Sophia Yates

Sophie Yates has produced two wonderfully atmospheric machinimas on Skill's Hak incredible Insilico cyberpunk sims. I especially like her music choices.

Here is what Sophia Yates as to say about both machinimas:

InSilico, a high-end cyberpunk role playing sim in Second Life.
The five-region floating city of Insilico is a haven high above the battered surface of the Earth below. Alongside many retail and residential areas, Insilico is home to clubs, bars, and restaurants. From the gritty tunnels of the Underground to high-rise penthouses, the sterile Gemini Labs to the dusty mining surface of Mars, Insilico is packed with plenty of places to work, play, and live.

Part 1:

Part 2

Does your third party viewer crash? It could your texture file format.-- try this fix.

Spanki publishes this interesting tip on texture files in third party viewers other than Emerald, and why they may be crashing.

I use Imprudence now, and it has not crashed on me -- but others are saying that it does.


How to Make the Perfect Profile Picture

Ryce Skytower's  profile picture needed updating.

To make the perfect profile picture:

1. Keep the design simple and easy to see -- you have a very small space to work with.

2. The dimensions should be 4 wide x 3 high to keep the proportions correct for the space you have to use.

3. Consider alternative layouts -- the shows Ryce at an angle and is not your standard fact shot.

4. Consider putting your name on -- its a nice touch.

Second Life Photo of the Day: Taking a Bath with Jago

Make sure to notice Godiva and Albert, two of our six VKC dogs, in the background watching,  It's really hard to have privacy when you have a family sometimes.

Classic Advertising: Hanging Out in the Shower Stalls-- With Ivory Soap

This is an actual ad for Ivory Soap in the 1920's. Where exactly are these guys eyes focused?

Ryce at Erotes

 My alt, Ryce Skytower, dancing at Chade Dagger's Erotes this weekend.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Eddi Gives Etiguette Advice in Yahoo Answers: What will my neighbor think of my car?


This question comes from Zind in Yahoo Answers (non-edited):

Should i buy an old, ugly, Piece of S... car from the 1970s just to pizz off my neighbors?
I was thinking about a lime green Ford Pinto covered with rust.

My neighbors are snobs and it's worth it to me to drive around a dangerous ugly car just to piss them off.

My answer:

I would What a fab idea! Make sure to get some fuzzy dice and put them on your rear view mirror, and get a bumper sticker like the one below. Better yet, load your bumpers up with several!

You Tube: Great Visualization of the San Francisco 1915 World's Fair

The Panama - Pacific International Exposition of 1915 in San Francisco was put on for two purposes - first, to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal the year before, and second- the show that the city, totally devastated by the 1906 earthquake, had rebuilt. If you have been to San Francisco, the entire Marina district was built on the site of the fair. The Palace of Fine Arts was rebuilt in permanent materials but can show you what the fair looked like.

You Tube's World Cruiser's grandfather shot this footage below of the fair and has other videos shot on site taken from a long-running movie from the fair.

 There is a great visualization from IDIALab on You Tube of  the Court of the Universe (missing shadow and atmospheric effects to a great degree) that I liked- perhaps because of the good overall visual effect.

Taken from the video. "THE INSTITUTE FOR DIGITAL INTERMEDIA ARTS is a collaborative research, design studio exploring intersections between art, science and technology including virtual reality, interactive installation, simulation and human computer interface".
You Tube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/IDIALab

Web site: http://idialab.org/

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Swimwear Model Ryan Barry

6' 2" fitness Ryan Barry fitness trainer and model Ryan Barry is this week's real life hunk.

Ryan hit the celebrity gossips for a while when he dates Lance Bass's ex Reichen Lemkuhl.

One would assume someone like Ryan would not have many academic achievements but according to his interview he has a PhD in neuropsychology from Cambridge University. I think I would feel very inadequate if I met him in person.

You can read his interview here:  http://covermenmag.com/ryanbarry/interview.html

I posted more photos of him here:  http://picasaweb.google.com/avatar.eddi/RyanBarry#

Seen Around the Scene - JD Jierdon

 Seen around the scene at Jungleboys early Monday morning.

Seen Around the Scene - Sab Askari

Seen around the scene at Jungleboys on Sunday night.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

You Tube: Marcus Steeplechase Is The California Gurl at Wigstock - by Larkworthy Antfarm

In case you missed it, here is Ironwork's Marcus Steeplechase in his amazing performance as "The California Gurl" at Wigstock earlier in August.

In his youth, Marcus admired the femme fatales of classic Russ Meyer movies, such as Supervixens and Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!.  This is shown to a great degree in his performance.

(check out the links to the movies - two great You Tube videos are up) 

This Machinima was made by Larkwortthy Antfarm  who ranks as one of the greatest video artists in Second Life of all time.

Here is her description of the video

Marcus Steeplechase struts his stuff at "Wigstock." Cameo by Kharissa Indigo. Filmed by Larkworthy Antfarm at the Theater on the Hill in Second Life.

music: "California Gurls" by Katy Perry

New Blue Mars Client: Very High Rendering Abilities are a Big Upgrade

On August 27, Blue Mars rolled out a new client that offers considerable improvements in a number of areas including avatar interface and graphics capabilities. The one I like is the new "very high" rendering quality option. Visualization on my HP Pavilion 7 laptop improved dramatically even though it is  not a high end device (it has an ATI 4630 512k card-- really upper mid range and not truly high end). 

I had just downloaded the new client and took a fast trip to New Venice. Here are some quick images that have not been processed to show the new look of Blue Mars at a higher and cleaner resolution.  It makes me want to go out right now and buy a new high end gaming computer to really see how Blue Mars can look, something which my recession budget will not allow.

Blue Mars will celebrate the first birthday of its Beta release on September 2 and I will have additional coverage then.

More Than 4,000 Hits This Week

This blog will have more than 4000 hits this week including the hits from the 154 people who subscribe to it -- according to feed burner.

That is a new record.

August will also be the busiest month ever with around 16,000 total hits.

Thanks for reading, Eddi

Homoertic Advertsing in the Second World War. Serving in the Military Never Looked Like This Much Fun!

Gee Sarge I never knew Army Day could be this  much fun!  
Why do you keep on dropping that bar of soap?

Who ever knew the army could be this much fun!

These are genuine Canon Towel advertisements that ran in American Magazines during the World War 2 era.

Don't Ask Don't Tell? These guys don't have to, they are flaming. The ad up on top is hot.

Note the copy in the lower right corner: How to make your towels last longer and stay "durable" for the duration. I think the copywriter was having a go, don't you?

I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair!
And send him on his way!

Note from Eddi:  In order to get the full humorous effect of this one, go play the Soundtrack from Mitzi Gaynor singing this classic from the movie South Pacific over on You Tube as you view this ad and imagine the dude with the palm frond lipsynching it .

DJ Night Begins at 10:00 AM Today at the Aqua Lounge

Make sure to be there. 12 top DJ's playing for 12 hours at the Aqua Lounge.

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gayllywood/25/143/22

Aqua Lounge

You Tube: A Special Video from DJ Sora Bluebird to Sebastian Diranovitz

Sora loves Sebastian. Isn't the machinima just so cute?

You can catch Sora's You Tube channel here:

You Tube: You and Your Jonhson - What a Great Way to Spend the Weekend!

What better way to spend the weekend than taking your Johnson out of storage and reading www.eddihaskell.com?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Second Life Photo of the Day - House Legendary Streetscape

This steetscape at House Legendary looks very much like what you would expect to see in a Northern Italian City such as Turin or even Florence.  I photographed it using a reddish tint sky setting.

Urban Lutz - A Stylish New Fashion Blog

 Urban Lutz is a stylish new fashion blog by Taylor Wassep. His photography is clean, and the visual design and photography are a step above most other web publications out there. Check out Taylor's publication at:


Contact him inworld if you want to join the publication's group.

Ryce Skytower Demonstrates Imprudence Viewer Atmospherics With Native Windlight

I took this photograph of Ryce using the new open source Imprudence Viewer at Jungleboys. I like the way it imports Windlight settings to get this nice tonal effect.

I cannot run full frontal nudity on this blog because it does not have a mature rating. If you want to see those pictures you will have to link to Ryce's blog.

Seen Around the Scene - Chade Dagger

Seen around the scene at Erotes, which Chade owns, early Saturday morning.