Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Best Thing About Blue Mars - The Lifelike Faces

I photographed my avatar in Blue Mars, Roger, in a new destination called Plymouth Rock last week. There he is in his new security copy outfit.  He looks cool if you ask me, and as I said earlier a bit like Tom Cruise.

But as I went for a close up of Roger he startled me.  His eyes turned, eyelashes blinked (he is very much a flirt) and I thought I was looking at a real life person.  As good as Second Life is, avatars look like cartoons. Roger does not. This is the next generation of virtual reality.

Roger cannot take off his shirt yet, has no real muscular definition, and cannot have sex in Blue Mars.  There is none there.  Avatar Reality will most likely keep sex out of Blue Mars since they are appealing to a larger corporate audience and want things as tightly controlled as possible.

Still, Roger looks great.  If development keeps up, this will drive more people to this new virtual world.

1 comment:

  1. WHAT? Business and no sex and restraint! BOOOO HISSSSSSSSS gimme SL sex.....


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