Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blue Mars Photo of the Day: Pink Fizzy Soda Designs

This is going to be a future clothing store and I really liked the pop aspect, I hope they will sell poodle skirts. This was photographed at Gaia which is modeled after the Southwestern United States.

Seen around the Scene at Jungleboys

Viper Foxtrot

Dar Writer

Franco Domenitzo

Jayden Bettencourt

Wigstock Begins This Sunday

Please contact Queen Edman for details.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Just Beautiful SL Men Is Now Closed to New Entries - And It's Been a Great Run!

When I started Just Beautiful SL Men in April 2009 it was really as a storage site -- to have a place to store photos  for all the hot guys I was meeting in Second Life.  The name was also a bit of a parody -- Just Beautiful Men is a nice blog that I followed. The owner of that blog is very amused at this one btw.

I had no idea back then that Just Beautiful SL Men would have:
  • 47,000 total hits and growing at a rapid pace to over 5,000 hits a month
  • Nearly 300 people photographed
  • And a monthly contest that is becoming quite well known in Second Life
People who do not know me come up to me and ask me if I am the guy with the "hot guys blog"

So, its been a great success!

But everyone in Second Life at one time who another who takes on a major project needs a change.  And people who have older photographs are asking me to reshoot them, something I cannot do due to time constraints.   I considered charging for this, but I have decided not to.  Running that sort of business, and a paid contest, is something I am not prepared to do. And right now, just maintaining this blog is about all I can do with my time.

I will be running photos here under the tag Just Beautiful SL Men ---which you can look for in blog labels on the right hand side of this page ---whenever I have some new photographs - but they will not be picked up on the other blog.

Jago and I are spending time working on new home items for our store, Living Color.  I will be spending more time on this.

I am leaving Just Beautiful SL Men Up until it become time to renew the unique web address that I purchased - at the end of the year

In them meantime, if you would like your photo removed from blog, for any reason, please leave me a note card and I will take it down.

Thanks for reading, Eddi

Computing Tip: Speeding Up Firefox

My first choice in browsers right now (I tend to change every few months depending on the threat level, some browsers are more susceptible than others) is Mozilla Firefox.

Over the past few days, browsing has become very slow, and pages are very slow to load.

I tried all the obvious steps first for speeding up any browser:

1.  Disconnect your modem from power and let it stay off for one minute before you turn it on again. 

2.  Completely clear your cookies and history. 

3. Run a Defrag program

4. Turn your computer on and off. 

I then went into my history and set custom settings to history from 90 (my default) to 30 days. This is under tools - options - privacy and you should do this anyway.

I even did some advanced programming in Boolean strings (which I do not recommend) and nothing still seemed to help! I kept on timing out pages.

Then i discovered this trick.  Note that this worked for me and it may not work for you.

Your extensions could be messing you up. And Firefox loves to pick up tons of these for you. 

In Firefox go into tools- extensions - and disable your Java extensions. Odds are you may have more than one, and the conflict could be causing problems.  Your other extensions could be causing the problems too. 

I also disabled my Google Toolbar extension. I do not really need it, and external toolbars are security risks.

 Do not remove these extensions!  Please just disable them so you can get them back if needed.

Although you are still in all likelihood running Java on your computer (you can test that here) you do not need to run it in your browser unless you are doing advanced browser-based gaming.

If you have any other ideas for speeding up browsing, please share them here.

The New Babbage Academy of Industry- A Steampunk Must-see In Second Life

New Babbage, spread over may sims, is the premiere area devoted just to Steampunk in Second Life. To get a flavor of it check out my You Tube video here which explains what it is about.

The Institute of Science and Industry not only is a very cool museum devoted to Steampunk architecture- It also is a school, with classes given on things such as using textures to their best. 

A very good exhibition on Victorian Architecture is now occurring at the Institute. I actually learned something -- that there is no such thing as Victoria architecture. Instead, it is an amalgam of many revived styled such as Gothic and Tudor  built with 19th century technology.

You can check out the schedule of classes within the institute.  Here is the SLURL to the Academy of Industry:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ryce at the Ivory Tower - With Second Life's Oldest Object

One of the very first, and still very good, builds in Second Life is the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives, built in 2005. . It is worth a visit. There are very good demonstrations available. Here is the SLURL:

Nearby on Philips' Hill is "The Man" Statue created by oldjohn Linden.  It claims to be the  oldest object in Second Life, dating back to July 19,2002.  You can  Ryce Skytower, standing next to it to get the proper feel for the size of it.

Speaking of Ryce, he is modeling all Redgrave outfit of dirty cyan jeans, blue sports sweater, and metallic blue sneakers.  Redgrave is turning into Ryce's favorite fashion design when he decides to keep his clothes on.

Garage Sale Jackpot! 65 New Ansel Adams Photographs Discovered.

Rick Norsigian was at a garage sale in Fresno California and noticed two boxes of photographic negatives on sale for $70.00. He talked the garage sale owner down to $45.00 for them.

What he purchased were 65 glass negatives of one of the most famous photographers of the 20th century, Ansel Adams, noted for his photography of early 20th century California.  His work is simply stunning.

These negatives are conservatively estimated to be $200,000,000.00, or two hundred million dollars.  I just hope they release more of these negatives made into photographs like this image above.

I wish I could take Second Life photographs that look as good as this.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Second Life Photo of the Day: Vampire Night

I took these photos at Twisted Thorn textures. To get the nighttime illumination effect go into Advanced Sky Editor at the bottom of your world tab and up the gamma level in lighting. I took both of these at a 12:00 a.m. midnight setting. Sharpening your images also helps with a 3-D lighting effect.

The Best Thing About Blue Mars - The Lifelike Faces

I photographed my avatar in Blue Mars, Roger, in a new destination called Plymouth Rock last week. There he is in his new security copy outfit.  He looks cool if you ask me, and as I said earlier a bit like Tom Cruise.

But as I went for a close up of Roger he startled me.  His eyes turned, eyelashes blinked (he is very much a flirt) and I thought I was looking at a real life person.  As good as Second Life is, avatars look like cartoons. Roger does not. This is the next generation of virtual reality.

Roger cannot take off his shirt yet, has no real muscular definition, and cannot have sex in Blue Mars.  There is none there.  Avatar Reality will most likely keep sex out of Blue Mars since they are appealing to a larger corporate audience and want things as tightly controlled as possible.

Still, Roger looks great.  If development keeps up, this will drive more people to this new virtual world.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Seen around the Scene - Lawna Mowa at Tadd's

Second Life Photo of the Day: Rose Theater in a Dust Storm

I love to photograph Kaya Angels Rose Theater.  I think it is the single most spectacular build on Second Life.

Here is a sepia conversion which I think looks interesting:

Here is a YouTube photomontage I did on the Rose Theater that shows the interior:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Country Singer Noma Falta at Tadd's

I went to Tadd's tonight and Country Singer Noma Falta was playing to a full house. She is really good and is here most Sundays.

Here is the Tadd's Web Site for Details on concerts:

Hot Couple of the Day: Johan Garfield and Jamal Beaumont

Photographed at Tainted Boys on July 25

Family Photograph

Taken early this morning.   The dogs behaved and sat properly for the photo.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Afternoon at Tainted Boys

I dropped by Tainted Boys on Saturday afternoon to visit my friends Adonis and Trace and the club was buzzing as usual. DJ Jamy Niekerk, the Saturday regular DJ kept the crowds going with his fun Eurobeat and interesting commentary.  I used to live in Amsterdam for a year, and appreciate any club in Second Life that has a very cool Dutch flavor to ti.    Here is my photo set from the club, and I intend to come back on a regular basis.

Chade Dagger's Erotes Earlier This Morning

Jago and I went to Chade Dagger's Eroties this morning with DJ Arc and had a great time!  Both Chade and Jago are Aussies. so the club got busy around 4:00 a.m. Second Life time - good timing for Europeans too who want a place to go around noontime on Saturday.  Here are some photos from today's event.

A New Addition to the Family! Meet Guido

Jago and I have a new addition to our family!  He is Guido, the VKC Kennels "Widget" puppy, and hes a mutt (mixed breed) dog. Hes really cute, and immediately got along with our five other VKC dogs -- Albert, Boris, Simon, Betsy, and Godiva.  

He is also a total ham and loves to pose for the camera!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Ryce Had a Great Time at Zeus on Thurday Night

Ryce Skytower, my clubgoing alt, had a great time at Club Zeus on Thursday night. It is a bit of a new club for Ryce and myself, and I have to recommend it.  The club is open earlier in the evening when many other clubs are closed.

I frequently come in as Ryce (who has been called the worst secret in Second Life) because I have a bit more privacy--  but publish the fact that I am Ryce in my profile and sometimes where a tag to that effect. Also, it is fun to be a cute blond at times!