Sunday, June 27, 2010

You Tube: Roger visits the hotel in Beach City on Blue Mars.

I have been showing photography from the visually stunning hotel on Beach City in Blue Mars here recently. which reminds me of the gorgeous Moana Hotel on Waikiki Beach Hawaii.  You can see and download my orginal photography here:

I also decided to do a machinima for You Tube to show my avatar there, Roger, walking in and out of the hotel lobby to show how realistic it looks, and more importantly, how the lighting effects change from day to night inside the lobby automatically.   I think it is a very cool demonstration of the advanced graphic effects from the Blue Mars application of Cryengine II Technology.

This is my second attempt at making a Blue Mars machinima using two free programs from Australian NCH Software- Debut Video Capture and Video Pad Video Editor.  They each have a paid "professional" version that has more features then the free version available for in-home use, make sure you do not buy the upgraded version (they try to get you to this this) when your trial period is up.

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