Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Tube: The Pipers Howf. A nice short from Celestial Elf

This is the second machinima I am featuring from Celestial Elf in a short period of time -- my current choice for Second Life cinematic artist of 2010.

This is a short video set to Scottish bagpipe music, and it is very atmospheric. I will be posting another one tomorrow.

Celestial Elf blogs here:

Here are his notes on The Piper's Howl:

First Machinima test filmed entirely on location at InWordlz;
Featuring The Piper and his friend at The Pipers Howf, Celestial Corner, Morgandy.
A Howf is an 18th Century Scottish term for a meeting place.

As The Piper, Rik Xaris,
The Pipers Friend, Celestial Elf,
Grateful Thanks to Corkie Houston for use of Morgandy.

Piper's Outfit and Bagpipes c/o Rik Xaris at The Pipers Howf,
InWorldz & Second Life.

I am happy to report that the Frames Per Second Rate of InWorldz is easily Double that of Second Life on my computer, including at the eponymous Shadow Settings!!

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