Saturday, June 19, 2010

You Tube: Larkworthy Antarm's Gorgeous Fuji Musume: Wisteria Maiden

Prolific Second Life machinima-maker Larkworthy Antform produces simply gorgeous videos. In addtion,as can be seen here, she is a wonderful poet. I have not yet viewed many of her other videos, but I plan to, and advise you to see her You Tube channel if you want to see other examples of her art.

Larkworthy's Notes from You Tube:

Fuji Musume: Wisteria Maiden

Larkworthy Antfarm presents Nakanoshima Okiya's performance of "Fuji Musume: Wisteria Maiden," danced by Kai Serapis and the Okiya dancers at Hosai Mura's Kabuki Theater, 31 May, 2010, in Second Life.

A very old and revered Kabuki drama, "Fuji Musume" tells the story of The Wisteria Maiden who is depicted in a painting holding a wisteria branch.
One day she becomes smitten with a young man & steps out of the painting in an effort to capture his attention. Unfortunately, her attempts are futile.
Her love goes unrequited & she sorrowfully steps back into the two-dimensional world of her lonely painting still holding her weeping wisteria.

Wisteria Dancers: Kai Serapis, Masumi Manamiko, Akiko Omizu, StarMoon Yakubu, Josiane Llewellyn, Miyako Akina

Keshi No Hana
Musume Dojoji

Larkworthy Antfarm

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