Thursday, June 10, 2010

Updated: My Take on the Linden Labs 30% Staff Layoffs. Is Second Life being primed for sale?.

Yesterdays's  Linden Labs Press Release about the Staff Reductions can be found here:

New World Notes reports that CodeBastard Redgave has build a memorial for the 100 Linden Labs employees who were terminated on Wednesday:

The memorial can be visited here:

My take on the rationale for the layoffs from Tuesday (written before the announcment of the actual reductions):

Updated:  My take on the rationale for the layoffs:

1.  Many fine people were laid off. I personally know several, including Blue Linden;  he was one of the people over at Linden Labs who interviewed me for a community director position in 2008, a job that was not offered to me (the position was never created).  Blue interviewed me inworld at a huge blue dragon, one that was not very friendly looking, and I was dumbfounded for the first several minutes of the interview to say the least.

2. Building a web-based client is not that difficult, and certainly not the reason for the staff layoffs.  It can be built and tested within 6 months (Linden Labs merely needs to update those in the development stage that have at the current time.

Web -based clients are hot right now. They fall under the current hyped term Cloud Computing, (they hype is that web based applications have been around for over 10 years and are nothing new). In the emerging internet "cloud" companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Amazon will offer services that be be accessed and combined easily, by web based users, to perform business and consumer tasks.

3.  I am going to up my projection to 50% that Linden Labs will be sold to another company within 18 months, the layoffs and cloud announcement are more sweetening to the pot.  However, in order to do this, the two "s-es", security and sex, need to be addressed.  The corporate world vision of Second Life -- grieving attacks, and virtual sex hooker with web cams who constantly patrol the world, will need to be addressed by Linden Labs before a high eneough valuation can be reached.   

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