Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review: Dolphin Design's Mona Lisa House

Dolphin Designs makes some very nice houses with wonderful interior lighting effects. Jago and I owned one of his first houses in late 2008 and had a You Tube video made of it on the day of our engagement party.

Dolphin Design's now has some traditional houses available on it's four sim area.  One I liked is the Mona Lisa House which I show here. It has a vaquely New England feel on the exterior and a rich "Beverly Hills" fantasy look on the inside. I really like it and might buy it if I were in the market for a house.


The base is 65 x 65 meters. Dolphin Designs says it has been designed for a 10.000 meter area.

The house alone costs $19,750 Linden and requires 1057 prims.

Furnished, it is $32,000 Linden and requires 2230 prims. 


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