Friday, June 18, 2010

Is the Linden Crashing? No So According to Metaverse Journal

There was a run on Lindens earlier today due to the bad news about Second Life (people getting rid of their holdings) which sent the Linden down to 300 per U.S. Dollar.  This has now ended according to Metaverse Journal, no no need to cash in those life savings you have booked in -game!

However, as New World Notes pointed out yesterday, by not growing in usership, Linden Labs is not making any more money on a "currency float" - the amount  of money that is tied up during a transition period for converting Lindens to Dollars. This amounted to $1.5 million per quarter according to well sourced Hamlet Au, the editor.

Update from New World Notes Just Published:


  1. Well, according to the person who did the math, actually (that's me!) ;)

  2. Tateru please keep us posted.

    For those who are interested in Tateru's blog it can be found here:


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