Friday, June 11, 2010

Interview with Linden Labs CEO Mark Kingdon in Computerworld Today

There was a very interesting interview in Computerworld today with Mark Kingdon, CED of Linden Labs. Computerworld is one of the most important industry publications about information technology in print and on the web.

However, I did need to spray my office today with Glade Bathroom Air Freshener after reading this bit of information from Mr. Kingdon:

"But still, Kingdon maintains Second Life is doing well. Layoffs were motivated not by cost-cutting, but rather by a desire to consolidate software development in the US, where teams in close proximity can work better together."

Take from Eddi.  No way this is based in reality.  Many of the people laid off had nothing to do with development, and there is no way moving to a browser-based application structure will cost Linden Labs $10,000,000  to develop - the cost of those 100 employees they laid off. This was about saving money, pure and simple, and, as I have said earlier this week,  either making at least 51% of the shareholders richer, or priming the company for sale.

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