Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blue Mars Photo of the Day: Robotic Light at Entrance of Beach Hotel

One of the best examples of great virtual architecture is the large hotel in Beach City, on of the most attractive developments on Blue Mars. This hotel t is a virtual replica of  the very luxurious Moana Surfrider (now a Westin  Hotel) on Waikiki beach in Honolulu Hawaii.  Jim Sink, President of Avatar Reality, the developers of Blue Mars hails from Hawaii and probably has spent many a fine Sunday afternoon at one of the great brunches they have at this 1901 landmark.  I have been photographing the hotel for one of my upcoming You Tube videos.

Since this is on Blue Mars, set in the year 2150, we have to have something modern on the set. This wonderful art-deco inspired robotic light that stands guard at the entrance incorporates the best of Blue Mars modern design.  It is both futuristic and retro at the same time.  It actually reminds me of one of those overhead lights that you would see at the dentists office. 

The hotel, which I am nicknaming the Blue Moana, has great detail -- I will be showing other aspects of it here over the next few days.

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