Friday, June 18, 2010

100,000 Hits!

This blog, Eddi Haskell's Second Life, crossed the 100,000 hit threshold today.  This is a "magic nuber" I have been aiming ever since I started this blog in November, 2008.

You can see my growth by quarter here (Q2 2010 is not finished yet of course).

I actually published a 100,000 hit threshold for all the blogs that I publish including The Zindra Times and Just Beautiful SL Men in November 2009.This number is now over 250,000 combined hits, and I have stopped counting.  All I am now measuring is this blog alone.

However, these numbers do not include hits all the people who subscribe to my blog and get content through a reader.  Not all of them show up in my Friends Connect box; about 130 of you follow me according to feebburner.

I have to bring up the fact that about 25% of the content on this blog has nothing to do with Second Life. I also cover Blue Mars, and I cover anything of interest to me including National Anthem, LGBT rights, and classic cinema and television. Still,it is overwhelmingly a Second Life blog, my prime focus.

As much as I try not to count numbers, I do. My next goal is 100 followers in friends connect which I hope to have for my real life birthday which is coming up soon.

 My inpiration

Finally, I need to thank Jordyn JC Carnell for convincing me that putting up and maintaining a blog would not be that difficult, and being the inspiration for this blog. 

Thanks for reading, Eddi


  1. Congrats eddi. That is a gigantic number!

    But no wonder. It's the best SL blog around.


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