Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From New World Notes: 10 SL7B Sites You Won't Want To Miss - Closes July 3

In a recent post, I said that the multi-sim Second Life seventh birthday "celebration" was a bit of an unattractive haphazard mess, and that few people were there.  By doing so, I actually think I boosted attendance, since several people have said that my article triggered their going.

New World notes has an article that gives 10 sites that you wont want to miss.  Now, if you want to go, you might as well check these 10 "fun" things out.  The "celebration" is open through July 3, so head on over and at least check it out once. 

Link to article:

Second Life Photo of the Day: Eddi Trips at Color Studio Sim

Boy those mushrooms sure tasted funny!

Come into the light Eddi!  Into the light!

You Tube: Roger Vists Venezia in Blue Mars - On It's Opening Day

Venezia is a new city in the virtual world of Blue Mars. The central terminal opened for the first time to the public on June 29, 2010. The aquatic effects of the water, vegetation, and marine life- along with the interaction of light - inspired me to make this machinima staring my avatar, Roger.

I love the way the light shines on the water, the fish move, and the waves undulate.  It is realistic yet magical at the same time.

This machinima is set to Richard Wagner's evocative music of the Rhine river, from the Opera Das Rheingold.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You Tube: Davey Wavey- Gay Bathhouse Virgins

Davey Wavey, the You Tube twink with over 66,000 subscribers and 31 million hits, tells of his first experience in a gay bathhouse with his hot friend Matt who is a television reporter in New York.

Here is what Davey writes:

While in New York City, my friend Matt Maggiacomo and I decided to go to a gay bathhouse. NYC has two bathhouses: The West Side Club and The East Side Club. We flipped a coin and went to the East Side Club. This video is the story of our experience as bathhouse virgins.

Davey Wavey's blog:
Davey Wavey's Facebook:
Matt's website is at:

Second Life Photo of the Day: Morning Massage

I logged on at 9:00 P.M. Australia time today to say g'might to Jago and decided that he had to have a back massage!

Announcing the winners of Just Beautiful SL Men for June 2010

The winners of Just Beautiful SL Men vote for June 2010 are:

These two got the most votes of those who I photographed in May 2010. Voting for July Most Beautiful SL Man will be up on on July 2.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Blue Mars Photo of the Day: Digital DNA Dusk

Second Life Photo of the Day: Self Portrait

I want to show these portraits of me to demonstrate what processing can do to photography.

The version above was taken today.  By applying a gold tint, sharpening the image, and applying some grain and posterization I was able to get a more antique look.  I want to bring out the olive skin tones more, and need to play around with the image a bit.

The First Gay Pride Parade Occured 40 Years Ago Today

A photograph from the first gay pride parade in 1970

June 28, 1970 marked the first anniversary of The Stonewall Riots in New York, the turning point for Gay Rights. As incredible as it seems to many of us today, before then,  it was illegal for openly LGBT people to congregate in public places in most of the United States and many other countries.

The first gay rights parade commemorating the Stonewall riots was held in New York on June 28, 1970 starting on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village.  Over 15,000 people turned out. Never before had that many LGBT individuals turned out for a public event. The Parade extended 52 blocks in Manhattan. As someone famously said, the closet door was ripped open that day and never came back on. This is an actual filmage from that first parade.

Anyone from 1970 looking forward 40 years in the future would be amazed at the progress for gay rights made in most countries of the world except, of course, fundamentalist Muslim countries where being gay is considered a capital offense. We have a long way to go but should celebrate today as the first time in history this many LGBT people were willing to be identified as such in public.

My real life Mom, who grew up in Manhattan and who never ceases to amaze me, told me that she would to gay bars in the village with her friends in the early 1960's. The one thing that they had to see before they let her in was her purse, to make sure she did not have a camera concealed. Being photographed in one of these places meant that your life could be destroyed through blackmail.  I could not even imagine living in world like this.

Correction:  the first gay pride parade occured one day earlier in Chicago on June 27, 2010.  It was not as large or well organzied, but still, the Windy City beats New York.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

You Tube: Roger visits the hotel in Beach City on Blue Mars.

I have been showing photography from the visually stunning hotel on Beach City in Blue Mars here recently. which reminds me of the gorgeous Moana Hotel on Waikiki Beach Hawaii.  You can see and download my orginal photography here:

I also decided to do a machinima for You Tube to show my avatar there, Roger, walking in and out of the hotel lobby to show how realistic it looks, and more importantly, how the lighting effects change from day to night inside the lobby automatically.   I think it is a very cool demonstration of the advanced graphic effects from the Blue Mars application of Cryengine II Technology.

This is my second attempt at making a Blue Mars machinima using two free programs from Australian NCH Software- Debut Video Capture and Video Pad Video Editor.  They each have a paid "professional" version that has more features then the free version available for in-home use, make sure you do not buy the upgraded version (they try to get you to this this) when your trial period is up.

My Latest Exhibition is now open at Eddi Haskell Photography

My latest exhibition is now open at my new gallery.  It features my landscape photography over the past year in Second Life.

All art work, framed, is on sale and transferable for 500 Linden each.  You can also purchase individual frames for 10 Linden each at the gallery.

While you are there, feel free to play the Harpsichord and remember to touch the music to hear sound.  Turn your music off and your sound volume up to hear it. You can also play it with a friend.

Jago and I have put out slow dancing examinations, we have classical music on in the background, so feel free to come for a special romantic date. It is a very pretty and romantic place to hang out and it is open to all. Here is the SLURL:

You Tube: The Village People Sing YMCA in New York Second Life

I love this video!  This is in honor of the first gay pride parade which happened in New York 40 years ago tomorrow. There is another YMCA video on Second Life.

This comes from LoweRuno:

A fun tribute to the 1070's. You put sleep deprived friends together at 3AM on Sunday morning and this is what you get!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not Accepting External Listings Until After My Break

I will be taking a bit of a blogging break shortly, and am not accepting external listings until after my break from clubs or for other events until further notice.

Thanks, Eddi

You Tube: Aunt Barbara Pigs Out and Sells Tupperware!

Aunt Barbara, the top producing Tupperware consultant in the United States,  has not one but two new videos on You Tube!

In case you can't tell Aunt Barbara is actually a guy in real life, showing that being a drag can actually make you a stack of cash if you play it right!

Her web site:

Aunt Barbara Pigs Out! 

From You Tube:  Our beloved Aunt Barbara takes a break from her busy schedule to share a time saving convenience food with her public.

Tia Barbara-Muy Caliente! 

From You Tube: Aunt Barbara discusses a recent trip South of the Border and a new product.(Warning:  this one is a bit gross).

SL7B is not inspiring but it is worth a visit.

Second Life's celebration of it's 7th birthday, SL7B, is a huge sprawling "fair" on over 21 sims that really says nothing.  It suffers from clutter, and in many cases, dates design.  The recent Second Pride celebration set over an area that was reminiscent of Venice had was much more compelling at about 25% of the size.
Perhaps next year Second Life should contract with Doc Spad and the Pride building committing to give itself more appeal, since I saw fewer than 20 people over the three hours I spent here today.

Still, you need to visit SL7B to at least take a look at the sheer volume and diversity of the displays.  The sims stay open for another week.  Here is the SLURL to the central arrival area:


Living Color Picture Frames - Only 10 Linden Each!

I could not find any transferable gold picture frames for my photography -- so Jago custom made me 10 of them.  They are so nice, that Jago decided to sell them for only 10 Linden each at his Living Color store. You can also find his wall papers and chairs there- all inexpensively priced.  Come check out the Living Color store:


Friday, June 25, 2010

You Tube: The Void Pounds Hard in Second Life- My first decent machinima

This is my fourth attempt at making a video using two free programs from Australian NCH Software- Debut Video Capture and Video Pad Video Editor.  They each have a paid "professional" version that has more features then the free version available for in-home use, make sure you do not buy the upgraded version (they try to get you to this this) when your trial period is up.

I did quite a bit of clip editing and zooming and panning, and put some special effects in after I captured last Wednesday night June 16 at the Void on Impulse Island.  I think my results are pretty good considering this is one of my early efforts. Most of all, the film editing was intuitive and fun to to.

Second Life Photo of the Day: Eddi Plays the Harpsichord

I put a harpsichord in my new gallery - which I am still trying to finish up to open some time in July.

Across Sansera on Foot - A New Blog by Jago Constantine Uncovering the original Secon Life.

Second Life celebrates its seventh anniversary this week.  But let us go back in time to 2003, when Second Life was just being made open to public membership.  The original continent was Sansera, shown on this second Life  map below as continent number 1.  The original Sims of Sanserra are still there, along with many interesting old builds and structures.  Wouldn't if be great is someone were to explore this original continent on foot, in an age before teleports, to see what Second Life was like in the early days?

The current map of Second Life Today.

This is what Jago Constantine  is doing in his new blog Explore Sansera on Foot.  In an effort that dates back to late 2009, Jago has been exploring and photographing over 100 early Sims that have long since been forgotten by new residents.

One the the earliest maps of Second Life, showing the new continent of Sansera and original  destinations and Sim names.

Take a look at Jago's blog here:

Each Sim is described and photographed. Some of the older architectural treasures are interesting and deserve a visit on their own merits.

You Tube: Nemo - Submarine Steampunk City in Second Life

I made this photomontage to a series of photographs I took of the amazing Nemo sim, some of which I showed here earlier.

If you look closely you can see sepia photos morphing in color ones. It is very subtle.

If you would like to download any of these photos for your own use here is the link:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zac Efron Voted "Best Chest" by People Magazine Readers

The cover of People Magazine June 29 issue. This has nothing to do with Second Life but hey, eye candy is fun!

The Bride of Frankenstein? Find Out This Saturday

Come to Jago Constantine's Science Fiction Discussion group this Saturday to hear a professional reading of Mike Resnick's "The Bride of Frankenstein retelling Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein" from an alternate perspective

What if Victor Frankenstein created his "creature"

1. only a few decades back (at a time when "Gone With the Wind ... is making so much money in the bookstores" - would that be early- or, may be, mid-twentieth century?),
2. after returning from his college,
3. after getting married,

and if Victor himself wasn't totally irresponsible, as in the original?

A funny retelling from the perspective of Victor's wife. And the creature here is about to actually get a mate.

Date: Saturday, June 26
Time:  2:00 PM SL Time

 Location:  Bookstacks   SLURL:

Jago and Eddi at Bookstacks

Here we are at last Saturday's Science Fiction discussion group.

Review: Dolphin Design's Mona Lisa House

Dolphin Designs makes some very nice houses with wonderful interior lighting effects. Jago and I owned one of his first houses in late 2008 and had a You Tube video made of it on the day of our engagement party.

Dolphin Design's now has some traditional houses available on it's four sim area.  One I liked is the Mona Lisa House which I show here. It has a vaquely New England feel on the exterior and a rich "Beverly Hills" fantasy look on the inside. I really like it and might buy it if I were in the market for a house.


The base is 65 x 65 meters. Dolphin Designs says it has been designed for a 10.000 meter area.

The house alone costs $19,750 Linden and requires 1057 prims.

Furnished, it is $32,000 Linden and requires 2230 prims. 


Is Philip Rosedale Returning as CEO of Linden Labs?

Is Philip Rosedale, the original visionaary of Second Life,  returning as CEO of Linden Labs after a two-year absence?

It sure looks that way if you read New World Notes today Mark Klingdon abruptly cancelled his speech at the Second Life 7th anniversary celebrations and was replaced by Phil Rosedale. 

This is a very welcome move if indeed it it true.  Linden Labs needs to get back to its roots and take care of what made Second Life great to begin with -- a place where some very creative people can get together and have fun at the same time.  The company has not grown since Phil left two years ago, and its about time that Linden Labs returned to the original dynamics that attracted us here in the first place.

Grand Opening of the 6T9 Club Saturday .5-7 PM

This comes from Cool Jonesford:

Grand Opening Of One of the newest SL hot spots Saturday June 26th from 5 till 7 PM/SLT.

We feature a Light show that no one can believe. Great DJ's, Dancers and Special Giveaways. We also have Shop rentals as well as tropical bungalow's. We also feature a Pub below the dance floor. We have a tropical beach area for your enjoyment and other special attractions.


If you have an LGBT event and would like to list it here please send up to a 100 word listing, your inworld name, a SLURL, and a JPEG image (only JPEG will be accepted at least three says prior to your event to 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is this speedo model wearing a hat?

Does the hat come along with the outfit?

Okay -- I know I am not exactly that fashion conscientious.  The Huffington Post is running a slide show called Speedos are back.  It is a round up of Spring Milan fashion shows. Some of the models are actually hot (see below). But honestly, someone named Vivienne Westwood (who I vaguely have heard of) has designed some satin speedos - our model above is wearing one.  But does this hat come alone with it?  Who would look like this at the beach anyway?   What is he holding in his right hand?  A chrome latte container?  Can you imagine prancing on a Milan runway looking like this and being taken seriously?

Anyway here are two of the more hot photos just in time for Gay Pride week.

Hey cowboy loose the little yellow string!

Perfect for those hot  lifesaver afternoons on Manly Beach!

Short on Prims? Visit 2Xtreme

Besides having great looking furniture and other accessories, 2Xtreme offers temp rezzed furniture -- meaning that almost all the prims are not counted towards your parcel allocation. I am not exactly sure how the process works, but I know you should aim for no more than 10% of your prims to be temp-rezzed due the the propensity of this process to cause lag.  The grand piano shown below costs 650 Linden, and the recliner and ottoman costs 400.  Check this store out even if you do need to save on prims- the items are very attractive.

Slurl to 2Xtreme:

Blue Mars Photo of the Day: Tree Rendering

I love the rendering of trees on Blue Mars.  I am providing some examples here. I expect Second L9ife to get to this level of detail in a few years.