Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Second Life Blogger Group has some very peeved off people this morning!

The Second Life Blogger group, that  almost 1500 of us have joined, and many of us have not looked at in  a while, has some very peeved off people this morning!

I just checked my email inbox and there are 16 irate email messages coming from the group complaining about e-mail spam.  Apparently, the group, formerly with Ning networks, has been migrated over to Grouply, Yahoo's version of one of these very aggressive social networking sites (Google has Buzz).  These sites, emulating the very aggressive and very fast growing Facebook, just love to set up "communities" without your implicit permission and gather all this information on you without checking beforehand!  But this is another story.

This had to be done since Ning is now charging for their services.

The problem with Grouply this morning is when the group was migrated, three things happened:

1. Many members of Second Life Bloggers were not aware of the move.

2. Our email addresses were made available to Yahoo's Grouply (the ones we used when we registered) which potentially allows them to "find" fun networks of people connected to you to share your information with - just like Facebook!  Although I am not impacted by this, some other people may be. There is a connection between Grouply and Facebook.

3. Most irritating, to many members, spam email from the group is now coming to avatar real-world email inboxes.

I have a fix for this.

1. Sign into the new group here:   Sign in with the password you used to get into the old group, or request a new one  (I did) to enter.  You can also try entering with your Yahoo password if the email you used to register with the old Ning network Second Life Bloggers is associated with your Yahoo account.

2. Disconnect the Second Life Bloggers group if you are given the option to do so (I was).

3. Go into settings and make sure the following boxes are unchecked -the ones that are circled.

You can unsubscribe from the Grouply services, and  leave the Second Life Bloggers group, but I recommend not doing it until  you make sure that that the following boxes are not checked that are causing all the spam.

Finally, lets give Zoe Connolly, the founder of this group a break.  She has put much love and many hours into this network, and this problem should soon be resolved.


  1. the problem is that I cannot log into grouply with my email-adress and password to change any settigs or unsubscribe in any way ...
    so I activated a spamfolder for the emailflood ... only chance to keep my normal inbox sane ... ;-P

  2. Setting up a folder for the Second Life group is a good way for dealing with all the emails if you cant get into your account. It did take me a while to get into Second Life Bloggers and get a password change through.

  3. I wasn't given the option to disconnect from the group. I went into settings but I am not seeing what you are seeing. Any suggestions?

  4. ty Eddi :) and u are right about the group founder, besides i believe she sen out an email the other day about it

  5. Thanks so much Eddie for posting the method of unscripting ones email address from Grouply. Saddly for us ALL most social networks are now just an extension of "Big Brother" so that no one has any form of privacy anymore. Caveat Emptor when it comes to social media sites, always!

  6. Ended my participation in that group. I'm sorry, sure there were good intentions, but sending an e-mail out was not sufficient.

  7. Bastards , did they really think by making me go on the rag this morning make me love them any more?


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