Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My own Paypal Horror story.

The horror stories involving PayPal are reported all around the web.

Last week, Paypal told me that someone had tried to charge my account a substantial amount  for a laptop, and   but that they had caught this, and that I had nothing to worry about.  They asked me to change my password which I did. They told me they never sent the person (who happens to be in Western Australia) the cash.

Now, my bank has called me to tell the that Paypal's transaction processors have made not one, but TWO attempts to collect these funds.  I do not keep a large amount of funds in the checking account I use for Paypal, and the bank declined these requests and is charging me two insufficient fund charges- $70.00 total.

The amount of time i has spent on this exceeds 8 hours.  I now need to go to the bank and fill out two unauthorized charges affidavits, and have more work to do.

Now here is my gripe.  Fraud happens all the time, and it is the price of electronic commerce. This I can accept.

But why is it that Paypal's processors (they are giving me a bull story that their processors are not part of Paypal) is trying to withdraw the money TWICE in a transaction that Paypal identified as fraudulent the minute it went through?  Do they mean to tell me that their only concern it getting cash out of my account whether or not they even paid the merchant to begin with?  They also told me that I have to straighten this out with my bank, and they will not refund the overdraft charges.

If you ask me, this policy is crooked. If you see a fraudulent  come through, and deny payment to the person making the claim, you do not then charge some unsuspecting person like myself the amount for the goods that were requested!

Paypal stinks-  and needs to change their horrible ways of taking advantages of people like me who need them to cash in the Lindens I collect for external charities.

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