Monday, May 24, 2010

Linden Labs Serves Notice on Second Life's Biggest Adult Film Star

Jennnnna Jameson, Second Life's Biggest Adult Film Star, and a close personal friend of mine (and an extremely nice person also), was recently sent this notice by Linden Labs last week requiring her to change her name- even though her name is not identical to the real Jenna Jameson, and over 40 Second Life residents hold names close in spelling to Jenna Jameson.

Jennnna is also very good friends with my alt Ryce Skytower and has starred in 2 recent machinimas with Ryce in a supporting role that were featured on Naughty Machinima, the main virtual reality sex channel (Ryce's film name is Ryce Hightower- just search for the term Ryce to see the films).

This letter was reproduced on Jennnnna's blog and I take it from there:

Dear Jennnnna,

We are contacting you about your use in Second Life of the name and identity of the celebrity Jenna Jameson.

We ask that Second Life residents respect the rights of celebrities in their name and identity. We would ask that you stop using the names Jennnnna Jameson and Jenna Jameson within Second Life, we would also ask that you stop using photos or images of the celebrity Jenna Jameson.

Within the next two (2) days, please either reply to this email or submit a Support ticket (, to the attention of Harry Linden, and please provide us with:

(1) A new first name for your Second Life avatar, and
(2) A new name for your Second Life group named "Jenna Jameson."

Your new names must not infringe or be confusingly similar to the name Jenna Jameson. For example, the name Jennasis Jameson would not be acceptable.
Please also remove all photos and images of the celebrity Jenna Jameson and any other uses of her identity.

If you do not do so, we will disable your access to Second Life until you contact us with appropriate new names for your avatar and group. We will also remove all photos, images, and other uses of Jenna Jameson's identity if you do not do so.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in this matter.


Harry Linden

Jennnna is currently in the process of changing her name and complying with this rather blunt and unfair order which apparently was not sent to the 40 other people in Second Life who hold similar names. Jennnnna does not profit from her work in Second Life and likes to entertain others. I do not see why this should be treated as a crime.  She is helping the real world Jenna Jameson build revenue by introducing her to a new younger audience of virtual reality users. And if Linden Labs forces one person to change, they should force all to do the same.


  1. Wow that is really unfair. Even in the real world some actors have close to or same sounding names. Usually a middle initial or a different spelling is all they do to change some stuff. Jenna in RL does not have 5 N's in her name and if anyone believed the real one was in SL as the Sl one has to be doing some good meth.

    LL is always out to screw people for no good reason and never sticks up for the lil guy, the different guy, the non ass kissing guy. Maybe they should spend more time making a good viewer and answering bias crime ARs and not worrying so mucvh about a god damn name that does not hurt anyone at all.

  2. This made me smile. Thanks Eddi. You are a nice friend.

    To your point, the only thing that upsets me is now having to watch Jenna Jamesons walk around in world with names that are actually in violation.

    Not to mention there's an awful lot of AngelinaJolie this, BradPitt that, Elvis and Beyonces around there.

    If they change one, they really should change all.

    Thanks for the love. :)

  3. PS...It's actually 95 different people with some form of the name.

    Plus their are countless others who use JennaJameson as a first name with other last names.

  4. I don't like to rain on anyone's parade and I'm certainly not going to pass judgement on anyone else...that being said I think LL's position on this situation is pretty reasonable.

    I don't know Jennnna or anything about her, but when you take her line of inworld work into consideration, along with her choice of names, it's pretty easy to see why RL Jenna might have a problem with it.

    I don't know anything about other avis with similar names, et cetera, but clearly SOMETHING caught the attention of LL et al regarding this specific avatar known as Jennnnna and LL seems to have appropriately addressed the matter responsibly, respectfully and with as little inconvenience as possible. Besides, is "I'm not the only one" really an effective defense?

    I know how much everyone loves an opportunity to bash LL and condemn them wherever possible, but in my un-informed and un-involved opinion, they did a good job on this particular situation.

    No offense intended to Jennnna or anyone else is meant in any way at all - I think the choice of Jennnna Jameson is a great marketing tool for Jennna's business ventures and I applaud her chutzpah

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  6. Cooper but one thing. Jennnnna looks very different from Jenna. And as Insyx says, just about everyone can tell its not the same person. In the real world, the names are sufficiently different and would not support a copyright infringement action. I do not know if Linden Labs was contacted by the real Jenna Jameson in which case they could have left themselves open by not asking Jennnna to change her name--- but if you ask me this is really making a mountain out of a molehill. But I do see your point and than you for leaving this comment!

    Linden Labs can require anyone in here to change their avatar name at their discretion, it in in the agreement I am sure. But really, I think in this case they should have lightened up

  7. It's interesting how different perceptions can lead to different opinions and/or points of view...

    In my opinion Jennnnnna's avi looks quite a bit like RL Jenna Jameson (at least the photo used here does)

    I can't help but think that the combination of the name, the appearance of the avi, and the chosen line of work makes the intent of the person behind the Jennnna avi clear - and if SL Jennnna received pmt in any form even once for her endeavors then she clearly did profit from her work.

    As has been pointed out there are countless avi's using a name similar to a RL entity's name....So something must have occurred to bring this particular avi to the attention of LL. Not being privy to LL's reasoning I can only speculate as to what motivated them to take this action regarding the similarities between SL Jennna's name and group, etc and RL Jenna Jameson.

    LL contacting Jennnna, addressing and explaining the issue, and providing ample time for her to change the names of the avi, groups, etc looks like they are actually making a molehill out of a potential mountain

    I applaud LL for allowing SL Jennnna a chance to make the required changes in such a reasonable manner rather than simply blocking the avi from accessing SL and deleting the group(s) and all other questionable references

    Just to reitterate, I find no fault with SL Jennnna and the choices she's made. This is just an awkward situation that needs to be corrected.

    If I went into business making cake mix and named my company Betttty Crocker, would anyone question whether or not it is reasonable that I be required to change the name?

  8. Cooper if you were to impersonate Betty Crocker in Second Life just make sure your skirt is high enough to show off those shapely legs or yours. Think 60;s miniskirt and gogo boots for a more modern Betty. :)

  9. You know what Cooper, I totally understand where you are coming from. The Bettttty Crocker analogy totally makes sense.

    The only thing that bothers me is that The Lindens are singling one avi out. If you go onto SEARCH and type Jen Jameson, 95 other avis come up.

    Also, there are several dozen with the EXACT same spelling as the RL person. Exactly the same. No extra N's.

    They are not going to take down those other Jenna's. They are not going after all the AngelinaJolie's, or BradPitt's or Beyonce's or Elvis's.

    This is about them them applying the rules to one person and not others. That's the only thing I find unfair.

  10. Thanks for the nice comments Eddi and DJ. And thanks even to Cooper (who made her points without putting me down! Thanks you.)

    Just so you guys know, I don't think this has anything to do with RL Jenna. I am 99 percent sure it is because someone used my name in the SL Blog in a way that was explicitly AGAINST MY WISHES. Then to top it off, they were very negative to other people about it. :(

    Over the last two days I've submitted TEN names to the Lindens. I've even offered to change my last name. NONE of the names have been accepted.

    Names like Jynnefer Jameson, Jynnifer Jameson, Jessi Jameson & Jennnnna Popstar have all been turned down, even though i can't find anyone in SEARCH with the same name. :(

    It's been a hassle. So I appreciate the support.

  11. Jennnnna Jameson is taking advantage of the real Jena Jameson's fame.
    Jennnnna Jameson is using Jenna Jameson's name without permission, even her pics.
    What about if you were famous, and someone use your name and stuff in stupid porn cartoon movies? would you agree with that?

  12. Thank you anonymous and you make a good point But let me give you another perspective here.

    I just want to talk about activities within Second Life here, and not on any external blog. This is another issue, and Linden does not enforce or take note of external publishing activity as far as I am aware.

    First of all, Jeannnna is not using the exact same name of Jenna Jameson. She is using an obvious derivation of it, and in the real world, this would not hold up as an infringement upon someone's name. Jennnna Jameson never once told anyone she was the real Jenna.

    Do people think the 95 other people who are using a derivation of the name Jenna Jameson are really her? I doubt it. But since their name is a derivation, they do not need to ask permission in the real world. It is not a copyright infringement.

    Jennnna Jameson (the avatar) is not making any money or profiting from her usage of a derivation of the name Jeanna Jameson in Second Life. You can see her videos freely on her web site and on Naughty Machinima. This is free stuff. And she is highly talented and entertains thousands of people a month who are interested.

    Is she taking advantage of someone's fame? Well if she is than I am. I picked my name to resemble Eddie Haskell, the character name of the star from Leave it to Beaver. Does anyone really think I am Eddie Haskell or Ken Osmund in real life? No. I tell people I am not I would guess about 2% of all residents inworld have an avatar name with some connection to someone famous.

    So to make this fair, a policy should apply across the board to all.

    I do not know about use of images, but if they are under copyright, they should not be used. However, if they are in the public domanain, they can be used legally.

    Linden Labs can do whatever they want in this situation. My guess is that they are either using Jennnnna as an example, or were contacted by the real world Jenna's representatives. But lets make one thing clear. Jennnnna Jameson inworld is not doing anything illegal, and would be allowed to do this in real life. In addition, she is not profiting from this. But you, and other readers of this blog are of course welcome to an opinion if it is "right" or not.


  13. Note from Eddi Haskell: This is an important issue, and I will continue to run comments and responses for now. My only rule is this -- I will not run a comment that attacks others. However, if you want to offer your opinion of the correctness of using a derivation of a famous person's name, or any other issue you can. That is not a personal attack. And the tone of this debate has been great! Thank you all for contributing.

  14. Anonymous, I can see how you think this is crass exploitation. But I honestly have never made a cent from the films using the SL name. The films are shown for free and I don't charge anyone to be in them. I even decided not to escort, so i wouldn't be seen as profiting on the name.

    I just wanted you to know that. :)

  15. Hi Eddi and all. FYI...My new name in world is Emanuelle Jameson. I believe that was your suggestion Eddi :)

    That's Emanuelle with only one M. It's good to finally be back :)

  16. I just popped over to take a look at this string just to see what was being said. Holy Cow!! (and that's all I'll add to that) To Miss Jameson.... Congratz on the new name :) I like it...Emanuelle Jamson has a nice ring to's sexy, it's memorable and it rolls off the tongue nicely too... I hope getting all your stuff changed over to Emanuelle isnt too much of a hassle and I wish you all the best in your endeavors :))


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