Monday, May 31, 2010

Incredibly Atmospheric Machinima From Celestial Elf. Copyright; SecondLife & YouTube

This very atmospheric video on You Tube by Celestial Elf, which I think is called "Copyright; The Raven King & Mephistopheles explain...." is as beautiful as it is confusing.  It has all these associated contextual references which make little sense to the casual observer. I think someone got blown away at the You Tube or Second Life terms of content usage  and wanted to be philosophical about it. However the atmospherics and sound - and videography- are top notch.

The machinima was filmed in Capability Todd Elswit's  Principato di Meliaria, on Villa Vesuviana which I photographed here earlier.

Link to references about machinima:

Link to Celestial Elf's Blog:

1 comment:

  1. hahaha well,
    blown away is the wrong word,
    as i work in Law i felt entitled to liberally apply 'legalese' in an attempt to better clarify the situation.
    Either way, I am very glad you liked it :)


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