Thursday, May 13, 2010

100,00 You Tube Views

My You Tube Channel just crossed 100,000 views.

I started my channel with one posting back in July 2008.   Since then, I have posted over 100 videos. 84 people around the world subscribe to my channel.   Most are of Second Life subjects, and a growing number are based on my Blue Mars photography.  A few are on on real world subjects. I come out with a You Tube posting about twice a month on average.

 Most of them are photo-montages done by myself, some are real movies that I commissioned others to do of club parties or architecture;  Cuno Fluno has done my recent videos- you should contact him inworld if you want a video done; his rates are very good.  I need to thank him, and  Jessicaann Wrigglesworth, producer of my videos in 2008, for helping me get to this magic number.

Still, 100,000 views is a nice milestone number, and my viewership has grown significantly in the past 22 months.

I want to share with you one of the first videos that was done by Jessicaann that I posted back in the summer of 2008 - of a fashion show that was produced by the very talented Jewell Munro who is CEO of JM Models and Publisher of Opulent Magazine. I am announcing on the podium-- if you look hard you can see me. Although other fashion videos have been produced since, I think this is the most stylish and best done to date, and shows both Jewell's amazing vision and professionalism.  Jewell is still producing fashion events, so please contact her inworld if you need an event produced.

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