Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Tube: Davey Wavey Talks About Coming Out of the Closet

Davey Wavey, the gay You Tube phenomenon, has to have the hottest male nipples in televisioon today. Here he talks about coming out of the closet, and why he cannot show his hot chest off all the time.

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  1. Never knew much about this dude although I had heard of him. Two thoughts: No matter how you cut it, this guy is a babe. I mean he is hotter than all hell. He is flawless and sculpted and totally un-selfconscious. Oh yeah, he has the most incredible set of nipples I have ever seen on any dude--ever. And man nipples can be awesome and totally sexy and this babe is proof of that. Secondly, if he is as sincere and honest and decent as he seems, then I would give a body part to know him. I hope he really is as he appears. I hope this guy who I am listening to and respecting is as true as he appears to be. If he is, then he is one remarkable dude and I wish I could actually know him and call him a friend.


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