Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Tube - Blue Mars - Martian Boneyards Game Trailer

I photographed the new Arcadia region in Blue Mars and posted photos here yesterday.
Apparently, it will be a Game in Blue Mars sometimes soon from EdgeArcadia. Here is what this related You Tube video had to say:

Martian Boneyards is the first EdGE@TERC game to be implemented in Arcadia, in the Blue Mars environment. In late spring 2010, the Boneyards will open for exploration, data hunting, analysis and theory discover what is out there and why? Credits: Designed by Educational Gaming Environments (EdGE) @ TERC; Created by Virtual Space Entertainment (VSE); Edited by Alexia Rosoff, Main Street Studio. Funded by NSF/DRL/ISE grant # 0917520.

I must admit the graphics are very nifty.

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