Monday, March 15, 2010

Butt Pirates Memorial to Ars Norsmead

Over the last year and a half, Sunday nights at 5pm slt has been the time for the weekly Butt Pirates party with DJ Ars Northmead.  And as we mourn his passing, it seems fitting to open up the memorial to our dear friend on the same day and at the same time.  Ars loved the weekly parties, and he was at his best when he was entertaining us all.

So at 5pm tonight we will open the Butt Pirates Memorial to Ars Northmead.  A space has been created for everyone to come and pay their respects, to share their grief, to trade funny stories about our friend - and most of all to remember Ars.

The memorial will remain in place and open through next Sunday evening.  There will be a service for Ars at the memorial this Saturday, March 20, at 3pm slt.  We welcome all of you to come visit tonight or during the week, and to attend the service on Saturday.

The memorial space is best experienced with your environment set to "Sunset."  We invite you all to leave behind tokens of love and remembrance to Ars, such as a candle or a card or other small object.  But we ask that you only leave behind low prim objects, as prims are limited.  Also, to reduce lag we ask that you remove all attachments and HUDs before you arrive at the memorial space.

We also want to express our unyielding gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Truck Meredith and Tymus Tenk for their generous donation of the land for the memorial on their beautiful sim, and to Bora Rossini and Luckymen Moody for the brilliant and awe-inspiring build of the memorial itself.  It speaks to Ars' great strength of character that he had such talented and generous friends.

Finally, on behalf of both of us and Bock, we want to thank you all for your many kind words and support during this difficult time.  It makes the arduous journey through this pain much easier to bear.

Please feel free to join us tonight or at any time this week.  And as you remember our friend Ars, as you cry or as you laugh or as you curse the gods who took him away from us, do not forget the joy that Ars represented, and the happiness he brought to so many of us.

There is a new Angel of Music in heaven tonight, and he's watching over us all.

Dejerrity Mycron
Jeb Nicholls


(note: this SLURL takes you to the memorial area (photo above), there are gorgeous pathways to get there.  Here is the SLURL published on the note card send out earlier which sens you to be - Eddi Haskell)

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