Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ask Eddi: I am 9 years old. How can I get my friends to stop calling me "stinky?"

From Brooke:

How can I stop people telling me I stink?

I haven't had a bath for 5 months so people keep calling me "Stinky." I'm popular at school but people keep walking away from me. Today I was walking home from school and these guys started spraying me with a hose. I WILL NOT take a bath. Nobody can make me. I don't care if I get dirty or if I Stink, I just want to know how to shut them up?

My Answer:

If this is not a joke, you need to bathe now. I do not know how your own family can stand to be around you. You must smell horrible. You will not shut them up, and probably are going to be called stinky in your local town paper and on television if you do not bathe now, and will have this nickname for the rest of your life. My friend's dog is named Stinky and you do not want her name I assure you.

To find out more about the dog named Stinky:

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