Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ask Eddi: Eddi Answers Questions About Pet Ownership

These are my actual answers to question that appeared today in Yahoo! Answers.


My friend is trying to breed her dog. How can I stop her?
My friend, who by the way is 16, is trying to breed her pitbull with another pitbull. This is the same girl who thinks that if you give a dog red or raw meat, they will turn on you and become aggressive. That was te first time I have ever heard that. She knows nothing about birthing.How can I stop her from breeding because those dogs are just gonna end up in the pound. She can't even train her own. I trained her dog for her and she wouldn't let me do that at first. I am into dogs but breeding is not my area. How can I stop her?


Your Answer:

She sounds charming! First of all say "You known nuttin' about birthin' no pit bulls Miss _(her name) __________" for humorous effect. Second, suggest to her that the reason she is so into mating pit bulls is because she herself can not envision herself having any normal sex (I just wonder what she looks like). Tell her you will start a rumor that she is having sex with her dog unless she drops her lurid fascination with their procreation habits.

I don't know nuttin' about birthin' no pit bulls Miss Scarlett!

What do dogs dream about?


Your Answer:

It was in his book The Interpretation of Dreams, that Sigmund Freud first argued that the motivation of all dream content is wish-fulfilment, and that the instigation of a dream is often to be found in the events of the day preceding the dream, which he called the "day residue. If we apply this to dogs, we can make the assumption that the dreams are the fulfillment of wishes that were aroused in them the previous day (the 'dream day').We do not assume that the dog's dreams are the result of any neurotic behavior under normal situations. If our dogs are neurotic, then their dreams contain rich symbolism, especially if they concern their mothers.

Sigmund Freud After Psychoanalysis Session With Dog

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