Sunday, February 28, 2010

Announcing the winners of Just Beautiful SL Men for February 2010.

The top 2 winners of the Just Beautiful SL Men competition for February 2010 are:

Spanki Mouliiez

xJordan Collison
 The February winners were determined by voting from the avatars who I photographed in Just Beautiful SL Men.

The March contest is underways now for avatars who I photographed in February. Please go to the blog and see who the entrants are and please vote for your top cholice in the poll. The February competition will last through the end of March.

Zindra Times Erotic Photography Exhibition Continues Through the End of March

Featuring the best in Second Life Erotic Photography

Copies of All Five Posters Available for Free at Eddi Haskell Photogrpahy

SLURL to Exhibition:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Tube - New Babbage Pancake Race 2010

 Lokiboy is one of the great filmakers in Second Life. This video of the New Babbage pancake race (an english traditon held on shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday in the U.K. and other English speaking counntires) is wonderful. The music, mood, and atmospherics are excellent.

Lokiboy writes the following:

The Second Annual New Babbage Pancake Race 2010
Residents of New Babbage gather to compete in the Pancake Race. An old tradition of running down the street holding a frying pan containing a fresh pancake. While running they must throw(toss) the pancake and catch in the frying pan.

Music from the Cylinder recording preservation project

You can see Lokiboys's other videos here:

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Striped Wallpaper at Living Color

 Pack of 20 Wallpapers only 200 Linden. 

Living Color, Jago Constantine's high-end wall coverings store now offers stiped wallpaper in a wide range of colors. You get 20 shades of color, Japanese Red and Achromatic are shown above.  The price is $200 Linden for a pack of 20 shades. .  Jago also has reduced the price of his chairs to only 20 linden for a pack of 4.

SLURL to Living Color:

 Chairs available in 5 coverings only 20 Linden for a pack of 4

Event Repeat! Hollywood Babylon Revisted and Gong Show. Saturday, February 27. 11:00 - 3:00 PM SL Time

In case you missed it, Second Pride is having a repeat of it's January event tomrorrow, Saturday, February 27 - The Gong Show and Hollywood Babylon

Showtimes are as follows (all on the outdoor main stage):

11AM Hollywood Babylon Gong Show

Hollywood Babylon Revisited!

12PM Act I The Roaring 20's

1PM Act 2 The Dirty Thirties

2PM Act 3 The GI Generation and the Nifty Fifties

Click HERE for more details and links to the songs to LISTEN NOW!

Your Tin Lizzy to Hollywood Babylon Revisited! (SLURL)

Second Life Photo of the Day - Kenneth Kjeller


I took these portraits of Kenneth and though he looked really great with the fountain behind him!

Video from Linden Labes- Tutorial on using Viewer 2.0

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adric Anfarm Continues to Crack Me Up Again


The insightful Adric Antfarm, my favorite You Tube filmmaker, continues to crack me up with his report of interrelated- looking (everyone looks like first cousins in Blue Mars due to limited avatar creation dynamics). Blue Mars avatars seen in Second Life using the 2.0 viewer. 

Publishing Animated Illustrations Made Easy

Publishing the animated GIFs above could not have been easier.

I went to Fun Photo Box, uploaded the image below, and had code generated.  I then enter it directly into this blogger template- I did not use their posting services.

Other interesting effects are available.

At B-Club this Morning with Jewell Munro and DJ Steve Rodeyn


I was at Beachwood Club this morning with my pal Jewell Munro publisher of Opulent Magaine and President of JM Models where I am still registered.  She is next to her new partner, DJ  Steve Rodeyn.  I really liked his energetic music --- had a great time dancing!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jago Shows Me Head


One of the fun tricks with the new Viewer 2.0  is the ability to make your clothes layers transparent. Jago decided to show me head today - I was shocked to say the least when hunky Jago turned up this morning looking like this!

Photo of the Day: Blue Mars Ferns

I took these pictures in the new Digitial DNA region of Blue mars of some ferns and through they looked very realistic.

You Tube - Second Life Viewer 2.0 Media Textures - so cool!

I just found this video on the new media textures capability in the new Viewer 2.0. Amazing. I need to experiment with it but you can put any web page, including animated you tubes, on a prim.

The new viewer is quite confusing to use, I spent a short amount of time with it today, but it does appear to be a nice leap forward.

Second Life You Tube: How it Ends - filmed in Missing Mile

I love this machinima by Whisper Despres. The subject matter filmed in the Missing Mile Sim  (including a morque) might be a bit jarring, but the  compostion, lighting effects, and choice of sound track set a definite mood.  --  dark ad a bit hypnotizing.

Here is what the content creator writes:

This was shot entirely in SL using Fraps. Missing Mile is a role playing optional town inside Second Life created by Loch Newchurch. I took no part in building this beautiful place.

I just filmed it and slapped it together.The quality isn't it's greatest. You can download the full version here. It's about 33MB. (note:  You can post videos of up to 2 gigabytes on You tube).

Be gentle, this is only my second video for SL. LOL

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Second Life 2.0 Beta now available for download

Second Life sees it biggest change since the introduction of voice with the introduction of Viewer 2.0 in beta today.

You can download it here:

Vote for Mikey and Earl in the Ultimate Wedding Contest!

Hi, Eddie! I hope you're well.

I'm writing to ask for a little help on your site.

My fiance Earl and I got engaged on Valentine's Day (you can see the proposal here: and we've subsequently entered Crate & Barrel's Ultimate Wedding contest. In just one week - thanks to the help of friends, family and online communities - we've managed to make it to the number four spot. A week ago, we hadn't even cracked the top 100.

We're trying to keep the momentum going, so we hope you'll help us out by posting our contest entry on your site. Winning couples aren't chosen just on votes, but also on the originality of the stories submitted to the contest, which you can read on our entry page:

Do we think we deserve to win this? Not more than anyone else in the contest. In fact, if anyone deserves to win it's the couple who is currently in first place. The groom has cancer - and they have a very touching story. We have publicly vowed that if we do happen to win, we'll split the top prize with this couple, if Crate & Barrel will allow it. You can see our promise here:, and we plan to live up to it.

Thanks in advance for whatever you can do to help us get the word out about our entry, the other couple and marriage equality in general.

Kind Regards,

Link to Vote for Mikey and Earl!:

Ask Eddi- More Questions About Religion

Here are more open questions that I have answering over at some social networking sites for true believers.

Q. Do some people deserve to die for the benefit of society as a whole?

A. Some people just deserve to drop dead, period. No reasons are necessary.

 Q. Is purgatory where a soul is purified, and sin erased, so it may return to its original form at resurrection?

A, No I see it more like Denny's in the United States, or Tim Horton's in Canada without the really tasty doughnuts. I would say McDonalds but many people in the third world find this to be luxury food.

Q. If God (R-Heaven) was alive today, would he join a gang and cleanse the earth using a drive-by global flood?

A.  What makes you think he is a Republican? I see him more as a Democrat.

Q. Since we are all atheists at birth,is it right that we be taught unnatural beliefs invented and written by men

A. I was more interested in breasts at birth. I cannot remember if I was an atheist or not.

Q. What do you believe heaven to be like?

A. I would see all my relatives and friends who have died in my lifetime there, and after greeting them warmly and crying and stuff I would wonder what I would have to do to end up in hell since I could not imagine spending eternity with them.

Q. Would my words carry more weight if I finished every comment with "in accordance with prophecy"?

Depends where. In the United States and much of Europe you would be consider a nut case or fanatic if you were to do this.

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardigras Begins on February 27

The Sydney Gay and Lebian Mardi Gras, the world's biggest LGBT event began last Friday - and the collosal  Mardi Gras Parade happens on Saturday February 27. I have never attended but I have heard that the display of gorgeous Aussieboy shirtless flesh in the thousands is a site that cannot be equaled. I am not sure about the ladies however, and if I went, I don't think I would be looking at shirtless chicks anyways.

Here is a video from last years event. 

You Tube: Tribute to Jaren Blackheart

As many of you know, our friend Jaren Blackheart passed away on February 13.He is survived by his partner, Brewer Debevic.

Theron Mexicola did this video for Jaren and writes the following:

At a memorial service to honor the life of Jaren Blackheart, friends, family and supporters filled Club Asylum on Monday, February 15, 2010 to offer tribute to his exemplary life. Jaren passed away on Saturday, February 13, 2010. This very special tribute featured great music provided by DJ Cailan. The club was transformed into a beautiful lakeside sanctuary surrounded by a lovely field of flowers. Jarens friends and family who loved him dearly will miss him.

A memorial event is being organized for Jaren. Once it is finalized, I will try to leave you the information here.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Second Life Photo of the Day - Mardi Gras Eddi


I took these photos of me in my Mardi Gras costume for the party at Myst last night.  Could anyone possibly look more gay?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Second Life Photo of the Day- Looking Up Some Lady's Dress

This lady came in to a meeting I was at wearing this really big dress, and I decided to look up it by moving my camera to the floor.  I think the lighting effects are interesting.

New Pool Deck at Paradise Beach

Paradise Gay Beach, one of the places that I like to hang out, just installed a new pool deck.   It looks cool.  Here is the SLURL:

Blue Mars- Digital DNA - Second Life Three Years from Now?

Digital DNA is a new region in the new virtual world of Blue Mars. I took these stills to approximate the 24 hours of a day in the forest.  I think the realism of the landscape is remarkable and shows where Second Life will be in around three years time.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photo of the Day: Taylor Wassep

I like these portraits of Myst Dancer Taylor Wassup I took this week for Just Beautiful SL Men.  I think the black background and forward light bring out his  cool looks well.  I have grown partial to black backgrounds since they highlight the looks of the avatar photographed in question the best.



Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome Marco Massivitus!

I don't think I have ever met Marco Massivitus inworld (at least not by that name), but I would like to welcome him as the 66th friend follower of Eddi Haskell's Second Life.  He also gets the first place prize for hottest male avatar based on his photo in the friend's connect box over on the right hand side of this blog. And I did not take his photo! Welcome Marco!

Slow You Tube? Here is how you can speed it up.


You Tube cutting in and out is a problem that can drive one nuts.  It gets pronounced from about noon SL time - 8 PM SL time when usage is at it's peak.  I thought it was a problem concerning my local ISP connection but it is not -  You Tube simply cannot keep up with the server traffic at times.

You can test this by seeing how You Tube performs at different times of the day. 

The solution is simple. Pause your video. Do not stop it. Let is continue to download for a minute and this will increase your physical buffer. The pauses should stop.

Note, if anyone has a better idea about why You Tube cuts in and out at times and what to do about it, please leave a comment here. 

Prince Andrew turns 50 today

Fergie's (Srah Ferguson) ex-husband, Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom,  turns 50 years old today!  His life these days seems to have to explain why he can't just fly first class on his job promoting the UK and has to take all these expensive chartered planes instead.  Ah, to be born royal.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The New Linden Stater Homes: Ryce's Journey Begins



My alt Ryce Skytower will be getting a new Linden starter home. As of February 17, one of the four homes built in the fetching styles shown above, will be made avaialable to all premium members for free and without a monthly service free as a benefit.  Ryce  paid his $22.50 American quaterly fee  to become a premium member today.Ryce is partial to both the the Oriental home  because the landscaping is so gorgeous (top photo) , and  the A-Frame Tahoe Homes (lower photo) are incredibly roomy inside. He needs to make his choice.

Why is he doing this since we have more than enough places to use? Well, first of all, as I have pointed out earlier,  the real cost of becoming a premium member is a little over $1.00 U.S after you collect an automatic  stipend of 300 Linden a week.

Second, it is always nice to have a new place to hang out at. And most importantly, it is a good story to write about.

The first thing I learned is this. Ryce needs to wait pateintly over the next two weeks or so until he gets his email instrucing him how to get his home. Ryce will be letting me know once this e-mail comes.


Will Ryce be allowed to walk around his new house naked in the new Linden starter home area without any window covering?  We will soon find out! 

3 Year Anniversary of the Aqua Lounge on Friday

 This comes from InsyX Piranha
12pm - 10pm SLT
The AquA Lounge turns 3 years and none of this would be possible without help from staff, friends, sister clubs, and family. To celebrate we are throwing a wild all day party from 12pm – 10pm. 10 DJs, 4 Contests, Tons of Prizes, Sploders, and Good Peeps. Co-sponsored by Ironworks and Club Arsenal.
Contests Include:
– Best in Deep Blue Sea --
-- Best In Leather--
-- Best in Jock or Underwear --
-- Ironworks' Oink Session: Sexiest Naked Body --

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Linden Homes Start Today - Photographs of the Tahoe and Japanese Homes

Free homes from premium account members start today. There are four styles.

I wrote about this back in December and showed photographs of the Modern homes at Meadowbrook and the Forest Fantasy homes at Elderglen. You can catch photographs of these two homes here:

Here are the SLURLS to check out the houses for yourself. 

Meadowbrook: (modern)

Elderglen infohub: (forest fantasy).

The Tahoe A-frame homes are very nice and roomy inside, with high ceilings. They are the most spacious homes. These photographs can give you an indication of what they are like. Here is the SLURL to the Tahoe inforhub

I found the Japanese style homes and landscaping the best of the lot. This area, with wood detailing and oriental flowering trees was simply gorgeous.  You can check out the homes and the area for yourself at this SLURL:

Photo of the Day: Digital DNA in Blue Mars

I have not been back to Blue Mars in several weeks and took these pics of the new Digital DNA area in preparation for a video I am planning to make. The landscape looks quite promising.