Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hot Model Eric Turner Demonstrates why Monochromatic Musculature is best.

I am showing these real life photos for three reasons of Eric Turner, the ex-Mormon Missionary who appeared in the 2009 Men on a Mission Calendar -- and has become an international modeling phenomenon.

First, I want to show how much black or white or monochromatic photography can enhance a muscular image. I love black and white photography in Second Life just for this reason.

Second, because you readers keep on downloading this pictures I posted of hot Eric last year.  Although this really does not have that much to do with Second Life, who cares?

Third, because hot Salt Lake based Second Life DJ Yummy Andrew (below)  has some very special memories of a hot night with Eric that we have to not mention here due to the non-mature rating of this blog. :Lucky Yummy!

 For more hot pics of Eric you can look here:


I actually was in Salt Lake and saw LOTs of guys who looked like this. Must be something about the fresh air there. Oh, my commission check from the Salt Lake City visitors bureau should be arriving any day!

What went on is between Eric and Myself Eddi!

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