Sunday, January 31, 2010

Congratulations Newlyweds Joshua Steamweaver and Zach Kelberry!

Joshua and Zach just got married an hour ago and I was honored by being asked to be their officiate!
It was an amazing wedding.    They own Club Myst, a great Second Life club. 

Sunday: DJ Marahon at The Void on Impulse Island- 12 Top DJ's over 12 Hours!

This is from Benu Boyer at Impulse:

Sunday, January 31st from 10am to 10pm slt - DJ Night #24 at The Void on Impulse! We have a dirty dozen DJs from around the world all coming to throw this massive party.
There will be lots of contests and sploders and many new people to meat & dance in different time zones!  Please come by when you can and join the fun!
There will be a Haiti relief tip jar on hand, please give what you can and we have put a permanent  one by the ground main TP area

Here is the SLURL to the event:

Saturday Night at Ironworks

I am Saturday night at  at a special /Ironworks event which was held on Kharissa Indigo's sim. Thought you would like to see the photos!

The party is still going on, so if you read this in time here is the SLURL.  It should be going on until 10 PM SL time on Saturday or later.

Kharissa is also selling part of the sim, so please contact her if you are interested.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Editorial From Eddi: Let's Save The Mission Brothers Group and Move Forward

As many of you know, Mission Brothers was the premiere gay group -- not affiliated with any one club-- in Second Life.  I say "was" because the status of the group is now uncertain. Although there are over 800 members left in the group, there is not a beach to socialize at, as far as I know no activities are planned, and just a whole bunch of angry feelings left today over the demise of the group.(Note: if activities are planned will someone please leave word in a comment).

Mission Beach was a great place for many of us to hang out.  I and many others got my start there; all sorts of wonderful people were there to help me.  At its peak before the departure of Boots and Shawn in late 2008, and for some time after,  it was simply an amazing place to be.

It will be a real shame to have this group die. Too much good came from Mission Brothers to let this happen. And many people put in long hours to help grow the equivalent of a gay public service organization founded in Second Life many by two incredibly generous individuals, Boots and Shawn Mission, who I single out here. They gave more, financially, and in time and love, then anyone else In my humble opinion,  it would be great if they could be back, but this is for others to work out.

I hope that that Mission Brothers somehow can revitalize and  those that were active back.  I would love to see a place for the bums to call their own.  I know that Tadd's has offered to host bum reunion nights and I am sure other clubs would do the same.

I won't comment on group ownership, past present and future here because it is not my place to do so. And I do not think finger pointing is the right thing to do now.   I just do not want to see this group disintegrate and die.

Feel free to use comments in this post as a forum and discussion for the future of Mission Beach.

Please leave a comment here, anonymous if you would like, on what you think can be done. You can also mention other people who need to be congratulated too. 

Please note:  This blog does not run  comments that attack others. And nothing negative please.

And for the purpose of this post, unless your comment is positive, either by congratulating people for their hard work from the beach at any point past, or gives a suggestion on what to do to revitalize the beach, I am not going to run it.  This is a drama-free posting.

Sitting around the campfire at the old Mission Beach.  Jaho Yalin is on my left, facing away from the camera.

Jago and I at Mission Beach right after we were partnered in November 2008.  I was the happiest guy in Second Life that day. 

Mani Canning and I at Mission Beach in early 2008.

Hunky Axl Shridde at Mission Beach in 2008. Axl was one of the many regulars at the beach. I remember meeting him at the beach and taking him shopping on his rez day in 2007. 

Ryce Skytower's First Adult Movie - It couldnt be could it???

Well go look for yourself!  Warning - Mature content, should not be viewed by anyone under 18 or Sarah Palin supporters.

Second Life Photo of the Day: Eddi Haskell Self Portraits

I had to waste some time yesterday morning, so I did these self portraits of me

Friday, January 29, 2010

Second Life Photo of the Day - xJordan Collinson Portrait Study

I did this portrait study of xJordan Collinson and thought that he made a great model. I liked his unique look and chiseled shape. He also has a great expression for the sitting. Take a look.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who is the most handsome avatar for January 2010?

Head over to Just Beautiful SL Men and vote for the most handsome avatar who was photographed in 2010.

Davey Wavey's You Tube: Change Your Life (Without Leaving Your Bedroom)

Our favorite soft core twink Davey Wavey the YouTube sensation - with 25 million You Tube hits tells us how to change our life from Sydney Australia. I doubt if many people are tuning in to listen to Davey.

Look at Davey's pale American winter skin -- I cannot figure out why he is not sunburned being down in Australia during the Aussie summer and spending all this time at the beach.  When I was in Sydney for the first time a few years ago I badly sunburned after being out in the sun for 45 minutes with sun screen! A warning-- if you go to Australia and are not used to the sun, it is much more intense then the Northern Hemisphere down south. Watch it or you will ruin your vacation!

Isn't it great he gets to show off his toned and hot body and change the world at the same time?


J. D. Salinger 1919 - 2010

It was just announced that recluse author  J.D. Salinger died yesterday.

He will be best remembered for this book, 1951's The  Catcher in the Rye and its teenage protagonist, Holden Caulfield. Catcher was my single favorite book growing up, and I am sure I am not alone here.

Nice homes for rent at Tadd's Cabart

Tad's Cabaret's new Palm Beach Mall and Beach Estates Complex has three homes left to rent. The rest were quickly sold out. Check them out since they look so good. The mall has some unique stores too.

slurl to tadds mall.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marlon Brando in Rebel Without a Cause???

I just found this on You Tube. Marlon Brando's screentest (he was 23) for the classic 1955 movie about teenagers gone bad - Rebel Without a Cause.  Brando actually did this screentest in 1947 and turned the part down. This move of course propelled James Dean to Stardom. Brando is HOT in this screentest. I never actually thought he looked that good but now I see why he such a star.

Is it me or does Marlon have a bit of a lisp?  His voice isn't exactly "butch" here.

James Dean of course died in a racing car crash in Indiana shortly after this movie was released.

Last Night in Second Life

I first headed over to Myst last night to see Zach and Josh and the regulars. Josh aka DJ Joshua Steamweaver was spinning.  That is me on the far left and far right. Notice I have brown hair.

I then headed over to see Drew and Benu at Impulse's jock strap party.  That is me in middle wearing army boots and a love tattoo on me bum.   I decided that I just had to have blond hair for the perfect look. One of my fave DJ's, Anjey Amat was spinning.

I tend to be a nite bird, and invited DJ Anjey to come over and watch some You Tubes on the airship. There we are watching my Abyss movie

All in all, a fun night!

Second Life Photo of the Day: Drew Oridale

I was taking some casual shots of Drew at Paradise Beach for Just Beautiful SL Men and decided to run all the shots as a slideshow here.  Drew looks like a really fresh and handsome young beach bum and I liked the way he put himself together.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nicky Ree's Lance Men's Outfit is a Second Life Classic

Nicky Ree's Lance outfit has been one of my favorite items to wear since 2007. You get realistic looking swin trunks and a swim briefs, and a nice two part translucent t-shirt. The fabric drapes does not look "sprayed on" It now comes in several colors; and is joined by other outfits in her small but attractive men's department. It retails for $150 linden.

Nicky's main store is mostly for the ladies.  It is actuall called  Designing Nicky Ree Stylish Gowns Formals Bridal Gown Dresses



$66,000 Linden Raised for Direct Relief International's Haiti Fund.

When I decided to raise funds in Second Life  for Direct Relief International's Haiti Emergency Fund, I did so for the following reasons:

1.  My town in Florida is heavily Haitian American (over 20%) and I really like my neighbors.  I felt like I had to do something. These people are shattered right now since many have not heard from any relatives. 

2.  I have been fund-raising for over two years in Second Life for organizations such as Bread and Jams, and have a record for turning funds over that I collect, and setting up professional fund raising operations.  I do not mean to brag, but I had to put my reputation and knowledge to use here.

3. Direct Relief International has one of the two highest ratings (99%) from Forbes Magazine for effectiveness, and has been around for 62 years.  They are also taking no administration percent (it can be very high) and spending 100% of what they collect on relief and supplies for Haiti. 

I approached Sasun Steinbeck, who is incredibly busy in Second Life as head of the Art Galleries group. She built a kiosk system (like she did for Gay Pride) and put hours into this and thank her profusely.

I have not been aggressive in asking for donations, but we have raised close to $66,000 linden so far.   It would be so great to raise another $34,000 by Sunday night so we can reach our first phase goal of $100,000 Linden for Haiti by February 1.

Please help by donating linden or placing a kiosk today.  If you place a kiosk you will not have to handle any funds.

Thanks, Eddi.

SLURL to get make a donation or get a kiosk:

Seciond Life You Tube- The Battleship Yamato

One of the things about Second Life is that unlike real life, really cool builds are up for short periods of time, sometimes for only six months. In many cases, you discover a cool build has been up that you just had ot see only to find out it has been torn down.

This is the with the largest warship built in World War 2, the famous Japanese Yamato, which was sunk in 1945. I have a naval background, and I just love to see things like this. Luckily, a video was made of the monster ship which you can see below.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Photo of the Day: The Portrait Photography of Brendon Heron


 I like Brendon Heron's portrait photography so I am running them here as my photo of the day.   I like the sense of composition and light.  Contact Brendon inworld if you would like to hire him for your own shots. 

Happy Australia Day!

Tuesday, January 26 is Australia Day! But it will start in Australia at 6 am SL time on Monday, January 25 due to the time difference. 

Aussie Bedroom Eyes - Stay away from Jago or else!

I have been looking for a new verion of the pretty Aussie National Anthem,  Advance Australia Fair, and found one by Anthony Callea, the cute gay Aussie pop singer above. He has an amazing voice, doesn't he?
BTW- if you want to visit Australia, there are lots of hot Greek and Italian guys in Melbourne like Anthony!

I am also playing a you tube of Australia's unofficial national anthem here, Waltzing Matilda sung by Kylie Minoque at the opening of the Special Olympics in Sydney 10 years ago. It really is wonderful. A Matilda is actually something like a backpack, and the song's words are about a suicide, , but hey, who am I to judge?

So Happy Australia Day to my parter Jago and all my Aussie maters in Second Life!

Record Readership for Eddi Haskell's Second LIfe- 15,000 hits a month.

This blog serves as a diary for what I do in Second Life. I always feel a bit guilty tooting my own horn, but this blog keeps track of readership. This blog alone, Eddi Haskell's Second Life, just set a viewing record of over 2500 unique hits for the week ending Sunday, January 24, an increase of 500% over last year at this time.

The number of views from people accessing this blog according to Google Feedburner t is now running at about 900 hits a week.  This is not counted in the chart above which does not pick up views from readers. 
So on average, this blog is now getting around 3400 hits a week, or 15,000 hits a month.

The chart above shows how views have grown by week in the past year.

Australia Day Celebration at Aussieboys! 16 hours of top music starting a 1:00 PM on Monday.

Australia Day will be celebrated at Aussieboys wiith a solid 16 hour line up with some of the top DJ's in Second Life starting at  1:00 PM SL time today, January 25.

Australia Day is actually  Janaury 26 but Aussies are 18 hours ahead of SL time. 

Here is the SLURL to Aussieboys:

Here is the all star line up for Monday, January 25 (SL Time)

Dj InsyX 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Dj Demi - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Dj Alex - 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Dj Killian - 7:0pm - 9:00pm
Dj Fleur - 9:00pm - 11:00pm
Dj Gregster - 11:00pm - 1:00am
Dj Blake 1:00am - 3:00am
Dj Anjey 3:00am - 5:00am

Danny Lauria's Hot Costume Yet Again!

I was going to take the night off tonight and not do photography but host Danny Lauria is wearing one of his fab costumes at the Black and White party here I just had to show you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

44,000 Raised for Haiti Earthquake Emergency Fund

As of this afternoon, $44,0000 Linden has been raised for Direct Relief International Haiti Emergency Fund. Direct Relief is only one of two organizations given a 99% effectiveness(% of funds returned) rating by Forbes Magazine and has been around for 62 years. 

Where to make an inworld donation or pick up a kiosk:

99 Free Valentine's Day Fonts

Valentine's Day is coming up on February 14 and Designorati has published links to 99 free Valentine's Day fonts that can be used for other events such as weddings and simple loves notes.

Many people do not know how easy it is to install extra fonts. All you have to do most of the times is simply drag an icon into your font directory.

I am showing two of the fonts here- love letters and romantically yours. (Yes, I left the apostrophe out of Valentine's Day since another font has to be substituted).

Second Life Photo of the Day - Piano Duo

I experimented with Emerald Light Settings to get these cool effects.That's Timothy Endersleigh and myself playing the piano together last night.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Handsome Cron Nexen in a Racing Suit

I did an sitting of Okey Clothing's Cron Nexen for Just Beautiful SL Men  and though he looks really amazing in this blue racing suit, so I decided to run the entire collection here as a slide show. Okey Clothing really makes some very nice outfit for masculine guys, I reviewed Ryce Skytower wearing the James Dean outfit earlier this week and plan to review more of their outfits later this weel.

Second Pride's Hollywood Bablyon- the SLURL for Today's Event is now available.

Here is a repeat of the announcement that was made here last Sunday for this event. 

The SLURL to the event:



BABYLON JANUARY 23 Cross-talk has it that Second Pride put a wire into
early Hollywood with a return to those golden days of celluloid. And
boy, is there a la-de-dah show for you! Torch warblers are gonna
sizzle, flappers are gonna jolly up and toodle -and then we got the
revusicals- what a ball! Don't get caught dead between the ears. Spuzz
up in your finest clothes and frisk your whiskers. Second Pride is
bringing you Hollywood Babylon! The event shows are repeated three
times during the day. Here is the entire schedule: 

11AM Tiamat Theatre Preview Show 

NOON Act I The Roaring 20's 

1PM Act 2 The Dirty Thirties 

 2PM Act 3 The GI Generation and the Nifty Fifties 

3PM Tiamat Theatre Preview Show 

4PM Act I The Roaring 20's 

5PM Act 2 The Dirty Thirties 

6PM Act 3 The GI Generation and the Nifty Fifties 

7PM Tiamat Theatre Preview Show 

8PM Act I The Roaring 20's 

9PM Act 2 The Dirty Thirties 

10PM Act 3 The GI Generation and the Nifty Fifties 

Photos from My Rez Day Party Last Night

 Eddi, Natalie Niven, and Butch Adezbills at Tadd's

Tadd Rives and Johny Alderton threw the most amazing party for me last night for my third rez day - I actually did not know about it until yesterday morning. About 80 people came in over three hours, and Tina Marie Beck did an amazing job as DJ. I want to thank everyone, especially Tadd and Johny, for making my third rez day such a great one! Here is a slide show taken over the three hours of the party!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Res Day Party for Me at Tadd's Tonight! 6-9 PM

What a suprise!

I just found out that Tadd's Cabaret is holding a rez day party for me tonight from 6 - 9 PM SL time so please try to make it!

SLURL to my party:

What are the Most Influential Second Life blogs according to Technorati?

Technorati is a well known search engine and ranking service for blogs.

According to Wikipedia. they have indexed well over 100 million blogs to date.  They have been criticized for their design, volatile rankings, and navigational difficulty.  But they still are widely known. They rank by influence, which is determined by your blog's influence on other blogs- how many times you are quoted elsewhere.

Here is today's ranking of Second Life blogs determined by putting the term "Second Life" in blog search and eliminated those blogs whose content is not related to Second Life (about 20% of the returned results) or blogs who post on virtual worlds and social media but have only a small percentage of posts on Second Life (under 10%).  The are approximately 1200 blogs Second Life blogs measured (my estimates)

Results by overall ranking only for Second Life.

1. New World Notes      630

2. Pixel Scoop  475

3. Eddi Haskell's Second Life    446 

4.  Second LIfe 24H  441 

5. Second Life Of My Dreams  431

6. The Metaverse Journal 425

7.Botgirls's Second Life Diary  424

8.. Gwyn's Home   418

9.. Ialja 393

These are all the results over 300 in influence.  The next tier of blogs hover around 100.

What is wrong with these results and why they should be taken with caution:

1. They are too volatile. This blog's rankings have fluctuated between 100 -500 this year. However, it has stayed between 450 -500 for the past few weeks.

2. The Linden blogs only rank about 100. This makes no sense. Surely they would have been quoted more.

3. I still have problems with this blog being a top - 10 Second Life blog  I do not believe it. For one thing, at least half my blog is humorous - the others are all serious.  But according to my google webmaster tools, this blog has been linked to  544 times. Maybe I am wrong. Here are today's webmaster results for this blog.

It's my rezday go I guess I can blow my own horn today!  Thanks for reading.

You Tube: What Happens When Second Life Ends? Contemplating the End of Time

This could be my first professional level Second Life Machinima. I think it is the best. I photographed this at The Abyss where you can get some very nice skins.

Make sure to see it full screen HD if you can by clicking on the image.

The music is from the Sigourney Weaver classic 1979 Sci-Fi Film, Alien. Most people think the most butch sci-fi actor was Arnold Schwarzenegger back then. Rent this film and you will see that he is  creampuff next to Sigourney.

Arnold is nothing but a pussy next to me!

I played around with the lightening effects and cloud effects in advanced sky editor to a radical degree to get the out-of-worldly light settings.  There is no way I could have done this other than as a photomontage (collection of stills) since I needed a great deal of cropping and control of each frame to do this, but the panning makes it looks like a movie.