Saturday, December 26, 2009

Speed Up Your Blog to Gain Readership

AOne of the best ways to build readership for any blog is to speed up your blog's download time.

This blog was very slow for much of this year.  Take a look at this chart below from Google's Webmaster service which offers a historic view of your download speeds.

I do not recommend using webmaster tools unless you know what you are doing since it involves changing the HTML code of your blog.  Do this wrong, and you are a blogger-gone nowhere. Google Blogger btw is a very difficult service to tweak if you are not very computer literate.

Anything above 5 seconds for downloading is not bad, its horrible.  You should aim for a 3-second download time.  This blog was as high as 14 second in early November. My blog today had an under 2.8 second dowlnaod time. . You can use a service like Pingdom to test your speed.

How do you speed up a blog:

1. Limit the number of images per blog page.  Make sure they are up in the JPEG format since this offers the lowest file size, and not PNG.

2.  Have your archive and formatting set so a large number of blog posts do not run per one page. I am keeping mine at 10.

3.  Watch the number of side widgits you have up. some can be very slow.

4.  Although hyperlinks are not inherently slow, you will be dinged if you have more than 250 per page by the search services.  Use them rationally.

I will be reporting about Google's feedburner service soon, and letting you know why counting total number of "hits" for a blog like this by using a service like statcounter only gives you a partial indication of how many readers you have. 

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