Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Things Are Just So -----

tacky:  Lacking style or good taste 

  A tacky story and a parable:

I was planning to go out to a club on Saturday night.  I was not sure which one, but one club that I like to go to (I go to many) sent a group IM out that looked promising. A SLURL then appeared in the group IM, and lo and behold I ended up in another club instead!  Some people at this other club were laughing at this.

I looked to see what was happening, and a manager at the club I ended up at placed his club's SLURL in the group IM before the owner of the club who actually sent the group IM out had a chance to put the real SLURL in.  Now, some people found this amusing.  I did not. I think it was unfair and tacky behavior.  Club owners put a lot of work in making sure that there is attendance at their clubs, and lose money to allow the rest of us to have a good time.  I quickly  left for the club that sent the group IM out in the first place, and probably will think twice before I go back to the "tacky" club again.  It was the wrong thing to do during Christmas week!

 Moral of the story:  If you are going to be selfish with group IM's make sure you do not prick yourself with your own tacky behavior! 

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