Monday, December 28, 2009

Route 69 in Zindra -- One of the Nicest Complexes in Second Life.

Our next door neighbors in the adult-content Continent of Zindra are an aptly named retail complex and  sex hangout  called "Route 69" owned by some very friendly ladies who are nice neighbors of ours, Ale Etzel and Inigo Catteneo.

I was away for a few days- and they have build an amazing complex by expanding south of my gallery, Eddi Haskell Photography and The Museum of Sex Furniture. The place had people walking around all day.

I took some photos of the impressive and well designed complex this evening. It is a good location for a clothing store, sex bed store, gallery - and does not have to be geared toward "adult entertainment".   There are regular businesses there. There is also a new Shemale temple, a Jazz Club, Dance Area- it is really nice.

Please contact Ale Etzel or Inigo Catteneo if you want to rent some space at a very competitive price.


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