Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Photo of the Day: Garrick Howley. How to get three dimensional lighting effects

Cute Garrick Howley in 3-D Lighting

Please check your photographers photos to see if they look "flat" in terms of three dimensionalism. I have noticed many  photos do. What photographers need to do is the following - a simple way to add realism through proper lighting  to their photos.

1. Go to advanced sky editor in environmental settings (bottom of world tab). BTW if they use Emerald they will see all these cool new light settings.

2. Check Sunrise or Sunset for starters, and perhaps Fine Day and some of the other settings for the best lighting effect

3. Most important-- go to advanced lighting and move the tab that has "eastern horizon". This will move the sun , even indoors, to allow any photo to have an optimal three dimensional effect This is far easier and more realistic than using these horrid studio lights to get realism.

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