Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blue Pearl Homes and Skyboxes.

Calling the creations of Mairan Lean at Blue Pearl "homes and skyboxes" in an understatement.

These creations that I photographed below are magnificently landscaped and furnished.

The Palais de coeur is a fantasy castle that could be described as french/oriental/goth.  It is 327 prims and L$ 3560. I loved the landscaping that comes along with it.

However, what really caught my attention were two "sky orbs".  You have to sit on a special red sofa near the SLURL below to be teleported up to around 2000 meters where this beach scene below you just materialzes around you.  It has structures with cushions and seats, and Palm trees and water.  Very cool

With just a touch of a menu in a hud, your scene can transform itself into this oriental palace below.  There is an animated bed. plantings and pools- it is very self contained. Jago and I preferred this one to the beach scene above.

Both skyboxes (a bad term to use to describe these works of art) are about 300 prims each give or take 30 prims.  You need to make sure you have enough space for them, a 3000 meter parcel seems to be the minimum size but you need to check.  The price for one scene is L$ 2500, for both L$ 4200.  It is worth a trip to Blue Pearl to check these things out, and the ride up 2000 meters on the red sofa (it can accommodate 2 avatars) is cool.

Here is the SLURL to Blue Pearl homes, skyboxes, and furnishings:


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