Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Top Blogging Rule I Have Learned - Keep it Fast.

One top blogging rule that I have learned  is to cut down on the number of links from one blog page.

Too many links slow down your blog -  this blog loads very slowly on computers not equipped for it, or with slow connections.  Too many images per page are a main cause of slow loading blogs.

In addition, search engines will ding you if you have more than 250 live links per blog page.  They view this with suspicion -- you might be fishing for artificial links to get your rankings up.

Here is one way you can test your blog. The web site tests blog page loading times:
This blog took 4.5  seconds to load. As long as I am at  4 seconds, I am fine. Here are my results.

Website information

Total loading time:
4.5 seconds
Total objects:
80 (1098 KB)
External objects:
79 (1097.6 KB)
3 (233.8KB)
4 (34.9KB)
Scripts Scripts:
5 (142.1KB)
Images Images:
68 (687.2KB)
Plugins Plugins:
Other Other:
Redirected Redirected:

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