Monday, December 21, 2009

Kolin Wylie Reviews The Pavilion Nightclub and Wes Spengler

 The Pavilion NIghtclub - Experience the Magic of Wesley Spengler

Every night is “party time” somewhere in SL.  You never need to miss the action in-world.  The wonderful challenge is to seek out and find those special places that fit your tastes and mood at any given time. So whether you looking for that romantic ballroom or some hands up techno hot spot over on the next sim, there is always a place for you.

One of my favorite places to head every Tuesday and Sunday night, is the Pavilion Nightclub over on Antero Shores. It is the home base for one of SL’s truly great DJs, Wesley Spengler, who owns and operates the club.  He recently rebuilt the nightclub, so those of you have not visited  in recent months, be sure to pop in and re-experience the Wesley Spengler magic happening at his refreshed club and event center.

Pavilion has the accustomed bright lights and club decor we expect at all our in-world hot spots, but I particular love the colorful dance floor with its modulating hues of light and color swirls that beat to the music.  The dance floor’s reflective simulated water affect is just plain cool, and very romantic with that special person next to you.  If you don’t know that person, introduce yourself and see what happens.  

The club is decorated with lights, huge mounted speakers, the DJ station and other eye catching delights, not the least of which are all the sexy clubbers.   Colorful posters featuring top artists from the club’s sponsor, CAPP Records, adorn the walls.  

CAPP Records’ sponsorship is another unique feature of the Pavilion Nightclub.  CAPP Records is a prominent dance label for electro house, hands up techno, jumpstyle, trance and eurodance music.  Besides the benefit of its stable of artists and music portfolio, Pavilion clubbers dance and listen to many premier releases.

The biggest attraction of Pavilion is the incredibly talented Wesley Spengler.  While the music is great, you can hardly wait to hear that smooth sexy voice between spins as he cleverly engages and entertains his audience.  You go to Pavilion for the music and for the fun and humorous conversation.  It really is an entertainment experience.  DJ Wes consistently puts 110% into every set.  

The dance music is the very best.  You hear progressive house and techno house, as well as mainstream club and pop remixes and even some trance.  The music is consistently high energy pulling you more and more into the Pavilion experience with each concessive spin.  

If you just want to sample the music you will hear at the Pavilion Nightclub listen into on Friday nights at 7:00 PM where you tune into great music for listening and for dance.  Listing of scores for the Friday night live streams are available at  Oh, by the way, you can also check out Wes’ real life picture at that site.  Be prepared to faint so have your cell phone preset to dial for emergency resuscitation assistance.

- Kolin Wylie

If you go:
Antero Shores (233, 126, 21)

Tuesday starting at 6:00 PM and Sunday at 5:00 PM.  Other shows and event are also scheduled and you can join the DJ Wes group on location to get notifications.

Or tune in to on Fridays at 7:00 PM

Experience the music. Experience the fun. 

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