Sunday, December 6, 2009

Information on the Mission Beach Closure

Although I have not been active in Mission Brothers this year, I understand that it is closing - three note cards from the three current managers of the beach are now circulating. They are opening a new location for the members.

I am a bit saddened by this. Mission Beach is where I have spent two wonderful years of my Second Life meeting some very fine people.  I understand that it has not been as well attended this year, but since I have not been, I cannot comment.

I also understand that come controversy is being generated.  Some people are proposing that Mission Beach stay open under new ownership, or old ownership in this case.  I considered running several note cards that have been floating around, but thought about it-- and have decided not to, since some of the content is a bit negative on certain individuals.  Jago and I have made a decision never to run anything negative in our blogs concerning individual  residents, and I am holding to it.

Good luck to all, and thanks for some very fine memories.  We hope that whatever happens, some place can continue to welcome new LGBT people in Second Life and help them find their way around!

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  1. Since Boots Beach was my first home in SL for a longer time when I came to SL in 2007 , the changes are causing some sad feelings. Always, when you have to accept changes of things you have got accustomed to and you have become fond of, nostalgic feelings come out.
    But - let's look forward and hope that the new Mission Beach will be Boot's worthily successor where we will be able to find friendship, love and entertainment as before. I am sure it will be :))) - it depends on ourselves.


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