Sunday, December 20, 2009

I like the proposed 512k premium account starter homes.

In case you have not heard the news, Linden Labs is planing to offer starter homes with premium paid memberships.  Instead of just free rent on a 512k plot, you would buy land (I assume it is paid for and not free), and a themed starter home to go on it.  The homes would be in nice, landscaped areas- a good move, since much of the Second Life mainland is so haphazard and ugly. I can actually see a sense of community emerging among the new residents- although I think many established Second Lifers will jump at the chance to own a place like this rent-free with a premium membership that pays you 300 linden a week for $7.50 US dollars a month.

I toured two of the four areas today.  I liked the California-type modern homes in the Meadowbrook area:
There were even furnished models to look at.  I took these pictures below from this location:


The fantasy homes in the Fern area were even cooler.  I loved the plantings and vegetation and "magical forest feeling" although the lavender and hot pink toadstools were a bit much. I took these pictures from this location:

This is a good move for Linden Labs, I wish the person who designed these regions had a hand in planning the adult-content continent of Zindra which is an urban planning disaster. There are also regions incorporating a Tahoe A-Frame feel and a Japanese theme, and I will report from these later.

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