Friday, December 25, 2009

Eddi's Santa Memories

I never did this as a kid- sit on Santa's lap in some department store as Mom and Dad pay some photographer 10 bucks to grab a picture for Grandma and Grandpa. But I imagine the conversation would have fone something like this.

Santa:  Well ho ho ho little boy!  And what is your name?

Eddi.   I am Eddi.  Santa, why did you not bring Fashion Barbie and bring me GI Joe instead?  Hes not even hot. Don't you remember?  I asked you for Fashion Barbie last year!

(Mom and Dad look pensively at each other while overhearing little Eddi)

Santa:  Well ho ho ho!  Fashion Barbie is for a little girl, not a strapping little boy such as yourself!  And what would you like for Christmas this year little Eddi?

Eddi:   I am going to be 11 in June Santa and I want to have sex with Zac Efron because I am still a virgin. He's so prime! Can you set that up Santa?

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